Texting specific people and apps not working

On my moto g play I’ll be texting my friend and this only happens when I text her. It will get all glitchy and some messages after I hit send will disappear or i’ll get a message that says “messages has stopped working”. And now the Instagram app wont work. Is my phone just getting old? I’ve only had it for maybe a little over a year

I’m sure someone will come along to help you with your texting problem, but I just ran across this article about Instagram issues…

Instagram app is crashing for some Android users

Hi @bridgettz,

If it happens with only the one friend, I would wonder if perhaps the thread with that friend has a gazillion messages? Perhaps it’s time to back up that thread if there’s content there you feel you need to keep, and delete the conversation from the phone.

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I tried deleting the conversation from my phone and now when I get to my contacts to text that person I can’t message her and the app freezes and says “messages isn’t responding”. I do not have this problem with anyone else.

try deleting the contact and then add it back in
this has happen to a number of people and one of the fixes was to do that…

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