Texting to another passenger when on an alaska cruise ship

I would like to know if 2 RW cell phones will be able to text each other while on an Alaska cruise

Hi @dennisl.lhksxt,

Presuming the cruise ship offers WiFi, most likely yes. In the absence of WiFi, it’s less likely but possible depending upon the quality of any available cellular signals. The latter would depend, in part, upon how close to the coast the ship is. If the ship is in international or Canadian waters, there will be no cellular service.

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Cruise ship wifi is not cheap…and definitely not free (unless included as a promo in your
pricing)…so be sure to sign up for a suitable WiFi package if you need phone to phone connectivity through the WiFi.

For example, see here for Voom pricing on Royal Carribean (This is 2018 pricing…so might have gone up some from there… I couldn’t find the pricing directly from RC so they probably have “fluid” pricing depending on your existing booking and options.

Hey @dennisl.lhksxt - Hope you’re looking forward to your cruise!

Along with the information @rolandh and @amitl provided, you can also see if the cruiseline you’re using offers an app that provides a free chat feature.

For example, my wife & I recently went on a Disney Cruise. Their Disney Cruise Line Navigator app has a built-in chat feature that allows you to message someone else on the ship without needing to buy a WiFi package. (https://disneycruise.disney.go.com/featured/navigator-app/)

I know Carnival and Princess have a similar feature in their respective apps.

It can save you a ton of money if your cruise line offers something similar!


@richard.p That’s great info. You should consider writing at Tip & Trick! :wink:


I recently traveled with Holland America, and they offer this chat feature as well. Be aware that this service does not behave like a text messaging app, in that there is no notification to the recipient that they have a new message. If you don’t know this up front, you can be frustrated waiting for a reply. Again, this was Holland America. Perhaps other cruise lines’ apps behave differently.


Not a bad idea, @louisdi. I’ve added @richard.p’s comments to our existing #tips about preparing for a cruise.


Thanks @southpaw! You’re the best!


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