Texting to secondary number not working?

How do you text to a secondary number so that it goes through to the main number?

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Are you referring to the secondary number referenced here: How to find your phone's secondary number and stop unwanted calls to that number? If so, I’m afraid Republic never supported receiving text messages at that number and it no longer works.

If you’re referring to some other secondary number, may we have more detail? Otherwise, some additional context regarding what you wish to accomplish may help the Community better help you.

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I’m trying to create an additional at&t email account. The at&t confirmation app will not accept my RW number, so I found the secondary number and verified that it works correctly both with calls and texts to the secondary number, which I receive ok on my main RW number.

However, when I insert the secondary number into the at&t confirmation window I never receive the confirmation code. I’ve tried several times, cleared caches, rebooted both phone and PC and with the RW Wi-Fi turned off running on the cell tower connection only.

So somewhere at&t is not sending or blocking the secondary number.

Any thoughts.

The secondary number is not capable of receiving text messages.

It may be that ATT does not accept VOIP based numbers, or maybe that service will only accept an ATT number?? Not sure what you are trying to sign up for, ATT does not offer free public email service that I know of.

I suggest contacting ATT or use a different phone, perhaps a friend or family member that is on a major carrier.

As noted in my post, I sent a text message from a different cell phone to my RW cell phone secondary number while the RW cell phone was connected to cell data only, no wi-fi. The text message showed up on my RW cell phone main number, which means it was forwarded by the RW secondary number to the main number. In this case the secondary number received a text message and forwarded it.

AT&T does offer free email accounts, I use several. I’ve had AT&T emails accounts for over 20 years. A few years ago AT&T stopped charging for accounts and they are now free. All of my accounts are on ATT.net.

I was creating another account and found a work around the AT&T issue by NOT providing a wireless number for confirmation. The basic issue is AT&T requires a wireless number for fall back account confirmation.

Thanks for looking at the issue.

One reference: https://www.att.com/esupport/article.html#!/email-support/KM1232207?gsi=4aocb4

if one is on a Legacy device I believe they still have the under lying carrier number texting enabled. the reason the AT&T confirmation is not coming though I not sure how to trouble shoot as it was never a supported feature Republic support will not touch it.

if you are on a 3.0 phone then the underlying carrier number should not have texting working

Aha, that solves it! The cell phone from which the text was sent is an older RW legacy phone, 3G service, an older Moto E on wi-fi only. Current phone is Moto G4 Plus.

Thanks very much for the clarification.

As noted, you can create free AT&T email accounts without having to provide a wireless phone number.

Just for future reference on this. People still shouldn’t plan on using this number because: 1) there are various things, even on legacy phones, that can cause the underlying number not to work for texting 2) The number is subject to change for various reasons, or no reason at all


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