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I’m just now trying to send photos and videos to friends but I can’t seem to find the option when I send a text. Is that not included with RW? (This is my first smartphone). Do I need a different app? Will my recipient need a different app to see them? Thanks.

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I’m going to assume that you are using Google Messages for texting.
(If not, please let us know what texting app and phone model you have.)

The following should help with sending photos:

Videos are a little trickier. Per a Republic article the video must be 1.5 MB or smaller.

What is usually advised when sending a video to someone is to upload the video to Google Drive or some online storage and share it.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your response. We have Moto G4 and Moto G6 and just text with whatever came with the phone. See a contact and either call or text. Do I need to download Google Messages? The video I want to send was sent to me with WhatsApp and I saved it on the phone together with the photos, so I guess that’s Google photos. But the person I want to sent it to does not have WhatsApp.

If you do not have that as your default SMS/texting app… yes I would advise downloading and installing it.

You could send that video out to someone via WhatsApp, it has a 16megabyte limit (i think). But unless you are connected to Wifi, that comes out of your plans data.

If you upload to Google Drive all you have to do is send someone a link (a share link), and they can download the video.

Thanks, I will download Google Messages.
Can I send the video through WhatsApp to someone who does not use WhatsApp?
Thanks for your help. There is so much I don’t yet know how to do.

I have to declare my ignorance here, I don’t have or use WhatsApp but it is my belief (a quick Google search :smile_cat:), that both parties need to have the app.

If I’m wrong I’m sure another Member will pop on here and let us know :wink:

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