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I have a Moto G4 and am on a my choice 1GB data plan. My question is what do I do to be able to send and receive texts when I am not on wifi or using my data? I had an older Moto model before upgrading to my current G4 and I could send and receive texts if I was not connected to wifi or using data. When I upgraded it stopped. Is there somewhere in my settings that I can go to enable this function? Thank you.

Texting does not use up any of your 1GB data plan (even if you didn’t have a cellular data plan you could text all day if you wanted). Texting does require that cellular data be turned on in the Android settings, but you can turn cellular data off within the Republic Wireless app if you wish.

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Hi @annek.ieplgu,

Instructions to make sure data is enabled are here:

If data is enabled and you are still unable to send or receive text messages, you may have a coverage issue that our support team would need to solve for you. If that’s the case, please open a ticket, explain that you are unable to text when away from Wi-Fi and provide two or three addresses where you’ve experienced this issue. Ask that they evaluate your coverage at those addresses, and let them know you did not have this problem on your previous RW phone.

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As far as i understand it…
Since SMS is over the data connection with R.W.,
If u have no wifi and are in a dead spot where u have no useable or non-existent data connection, you will not be able to send or receive SMS.
Unless something has changed, There is no cellular fall back for SMS on R.W.

A phone on different carrier, when i am in same dead spot, i get no data signal, too weak to make a stable call, but I can get just enough 1X signal to send/receive SMS.

Well I have to ask, what phone is the (make/model)…?


I mean non Republic phone. any phone on a different carrier.

In this case, a Pixel XL on Sprint postpaid.

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