Texts and calls not received moto x4


What phone do you have? Moto x4

What plan are you on? My choice + 1 gb

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Yes data

Issue Description

For months, my best friend with an apple phone on Verizon has told me she can’t call me, and sometimes shows me texts sent from her phone that are never received. After trying to troubleshoot it, we finally agreed not to assume anything about receiving texts and have just largely dealt with it. The assumption was that our phones just don’t play nice.

Today, I received a fb messenger text from another friend saying her text message was blocked.

I replied directly via my phone’s texting app. Then she replied with

“I’m so sorry. I tried texting you at 7am but it didn’t go through.
Hope you got the text I sent from my dad’s phone.”

I have now not received texts via 3 different phones. I generally love republic. It’s convenient and affordable. But, I can’t risk not receiving texts and calls from people. Sometimes, they are not told they didn’t go through. That’s not so bad. They often try to reach me another way. When they don’t know the text didn’t go through, it creates horrible misunderstandings. On occasions when I’ve figured out that I didn’t receive something from them, I can resolve it. But how many times have people sent me a text or attempted to call and I never knew. It looks like I’m ignoring them and it’s totally unacceptable.

Please help me resolve this. Though I’m not sure how I’ll ever know since it’s random when I don’t receive texts!!


Hi @clarissaw and welcome to the Community!

I’m sorry for the experience. You mention the first phone from which you’re not receiving text messages is an iPhone on Verizon? Do phones 2 and 3 share either of those characteristics? That is to say are either or both iPhones and or are they on Verizon’s network?

Additionally, would you be kind enough to take a look here when signed into your Republic account: https://account.republicwireless.com/account/phones/cdrs. Do you see evidence of the text messages not reaching your phone there? It’s OK if the timing seems a bit off as timestamps where I’m pointing you to are universal coordinated time (UTC) rather than local time. What I’m trying to determine is if the text messages in question are reaching Republic but failing to make it to your phone or not reaching Republic at all.

Otherwise, any other patterns you may have noticed will better help us help you. For example, do you ever receive text messages from these phones or do all text messages they send fail? If you receive some, have you noticed whether your phone is on WiFi or cell when you do receive them?

I see you’re new to the Community, are you also new to Republic? If so, did you transfer (port) your number from another service provider. If so, may we know which one and how long ago?

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you probably have “do not disturb” turned on.


Hi @clarissaw,

You wrote up a great description of an issue you are having, and received a couple of suggestions and some further questions to continue troubleshooting. We haven’t heard back from you. Are you still having the issues you described, and if so, are you interested in continuing to troubleshoot with the Community?

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Yes. I’m trying to do as was first suggested to look at republic’s record of my calls and texts. I have tried my phone, my computer, and my parents computer at their house. It just shows this screen and never loads anything. I’m not sure what to do next… I know it’s not an internet problem as we use the internet all the time at both locations.

I appreciate your patience with me. I’ve five young children and am very busy.

I would like to work this issue out as quickly as possible.




Hi @clarissaw,

I’ve seen that never ending loading screen once or twice when using the direct link I provided you. I’m sorry for the experience. Let’s try an alternate path to getting there:

  1. Start here: https://account.republicwireless.com/account/phones/
  2. Click the green “I Want To…” bar underneath the graphic representing your phone.
  3. Click “View Calls & Messages”
  4. Does the next screen load now?

I have a similar problem, except now it seems that my texts are also not going out all of the time. I checked the log you mentioned and even my texts that I sent last night didn’t show up on there.
For me it’s an inconsistent issue. I thought it was only iphones at first (because that’s who I had most trouble with), but even my husband’s texts don’t always come through (and he’s also using Republic Wireless).
Sometimes I think it’s a WiFi issue, but that also doesn’t seem to be consistent because I have two different Wifis I use throughout the day regularly (at work and home) and I also don’t receive them when on cell service. I think in the morning it’s fine and in the evening it isn’t? Sometimes the texts will arrive 2 hours delayed, sometimes not at all (because I’ve started calling and messaging people using apps to follow up since it’s become such a daily occurrence).
At first I thought it was only media SMS, but lately I have intentionally tried to only send non-media SMS (under the character limit) and I’m still having problems.
Thanks for any insight you can give me! I’d love to get this solved!

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