Texts arrive in Chinese script



What phone do you have? Moto G6

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Includes data

Issue Description

When I receive texts longer than 1 sentence from “T”, they appear in Chinese characters on my MotoG6. That does not happen with texts from anyone else,. T said no one else gets texts from her in Chinese characters, only me. She has an old TracPhone flip phone.

Lost in Translation

are there any emotes and/or emoticons in T message ??
if so have T remove them.

T消息中是否有任何表情和/或表情符號? 如果有,T刪除它們。

T xiāoxī zhōng shìfǒu yǒu rènhé biǎoqíng hé/huò biǎoqíng fúhào? Rúguǒ yǒu,T shānchú tāmen.


Not sure. I’ll ask her to leave them out next time and see if that helps.


This happens to me, too. But only from certain people. They add an emoji and the message comes over mostly in blocks of Chinese characters with a little English at the beginning or end. I’m running the Android Messages app, and I have other friends who can send me emoji-laden texts with no problem.


are these people running on ATT or one of ATT’s mvno/(resellers)? (Consumer Cellular, Cricket, FreedomPop, FreeUP Mobile, H2O Wireless, Net10, Red Pocket, Straight Talk, TracFone)

ATT’s network does that to long messages with emotes and/or emoticons added
ATT been proudly changing your long text messages to Chinese for more then 5 years… :slight_smile:


Someone I know has Cricket, and I was getting Chinese or Japanese characters, too, from her. I thought it only happened when she sent long messages, but I didn’t think about emojis. I will see her today, so I think I’m going to test out receiving texts with her without emojis. I do receive some texts from her with no problem though.


if i recall correctly when iphone added emotes and emoticons
and the iphone was on ATT network or the text at some point goes through the ATT network
it will do that. ATT is running some very old hardware in some area/cases and it just can’t deal with it so it drops bit or I like to think the hardware is still using: :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi @jensoko and @elenae.6c5tf2,

We’ve seen some tickets on this same issue, and have not yet been able to pinpoint whether it’s one particular carrier or type of phone causing these text messages to be delivered with foreign characters mixed in.

We’d love to know some more details, if you can provide them.


Sure thing, @southpaw - The texts I received did have emojis in them and when they were resent from one of my sources without the emojis, they cleared up. The other one had super-long texts and some of them didn’t look like they had emojis. let me know if I can provide additional info!


Thanks @jensoko,

Texts with emojis and super-long texts seem to be a common theme in the few tickets we’ve received.

Any details about what kind of phone and what carriers your friends use?

(Best solution, bring them to Republic! :smile_cat:)


My friend says her phone is Alcatel and service is from TracPhone. I have now successfully received longer texts from her when she deliberately leaves out the emojis.


This is happening to me as well. 2 different contacts now, but only occasionally. The actual texts they sent aren’t super long, but do appear to be quite long when received with the Chinese characters. Each of the texts had some emoji on the end. One of my contacts has retested with texts with multiple emojis and it comes through just fine. So it appears to be random or maybe certain emojis. My contact has a LG android phone.

After researching online I found it is an encoding issue between UTF-16 to UTF-8 (whatever that means- haha). It seems like the phones should be able to handle that, but they are not. So in the mean time I found a work around using this site: https://encoder.mattiasgeniar.be/index.php Just paste your Chinese characters into the box and hit the ‘encode string’ button. It will encode the text in the UTF-16 encoded box that appears and then you’ll be able to see the original intended message.

At least you’ll be able to see the proper text. Yes it’s a work around. Ideally the phones should be able to handle it. Hopefully the issue can be fixed. I had submitted a ticket, but it was marked as solved once I noted the work around…


The “Chinese” messages have started happening. I have a Moto G5 Plus. I’m on Oreo. So far, it’s only messages from my husband. He’s on Ting with a Huawei (I think). He’s a couple levels back on the Android OS.


Do all his messages arrive this way, or only extra-long ones or those with a specific emoji?


It is not all of the messages. A recent incident, it wasn’t horribly long. Him telling me he was named the new Middle School Assistant Coach. There was an emoji at the end. After countless searches, I had him remove the emoji. It came through. So, he sent another message with the same emoji and it came through just fine. It was a slightly shorter message. I can’t recall other Chinese looking messages to know if there was anything in common between them. I’m kind of thinking it’s not the emoji since it came through on another message. But I’m not ruling out length. I’m not sure if it’s my phone and Republic Wireless or if it’s his phone and Ting. Presumably, both services are using the Sprint network in this area.


It appears to be a combination of over 160 characters and with an emoji.


In this case, the message was 80 characters without the emoji.


What phone do you have? Moto E4 Plus

What plan are you on? Talk & Text No Data

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Talk & Text only

Issue Description

When receiving texts from my daughter, most of the time the text is fine. However, about 10% of the time, her text comes through in another language, looks like Chinese or Japanese. On her end it’s in English, but I receive gobbledegook. I respond “Huh?” but she sees her English outgoing text, but I see Chinese or Japanese. I don’t have this issue with any other person with whom I text. Any ideas?


utf-8 vs utf-16

actual text message contiained

going here and paste message
messe e o■■■■ susueeded.

it is not just apple, samsung, att, tmobile, sprint, verzion, moto, etc

utf-8 is being converted to utf-16

going back to
Hi Mark!
Sorry I missed your call. Dad says he would let the dealer take the old snow tires. He doesn’t hang on to old snow tires.
X<�; Love and Hugs,

one point from

I should mention that this isn’t actually an apple specific problem whatsoever. Best guess? The tower is compressing a send recept and phones don’t know how to decompress it.

all in all the it seems that the towers may be adding a 1 to a sms that is successfully sent and the phone display what they display.

IOW, nothing that the likes of RW can do. it is all on the major cell networks to fix the conversion problem.

my 2¢


I am having the exact same issue. Has this been resolved?