Texts being sent multiple times, uncontrollably

My daughter keeps getting duplicates of a text I sent her (Android).

It got so intrusive, she had to mute me in her text app.

What could be causing this? Who do my texts go through when I send them? Does Republic route and carry them? What can I do to stop this?

I realize I don’t have any idea how texts move between users.

Thanks for any help.


Hi Tim,

I’m terribly sorry to see that no one in our Community responded to you! Are you still having this issue?

Often we see multiple text messages sent when the sender is in a situation where the Wi-Fi network is spotty and so the phone ends up sending on both Wi-Fi and cell. But “multiple times” and “uncontrollably” sound like you have something else going on.

Does it only happen for texts sent from you to your daughter? Not from you to anyone else, and not to her from anyone else?
Is she also a Republic member?
Does it happen every time you send a text to your daughter?

What app is she using?


Thanks for the reply. Daughter has an iphone of some sort. The
problem has not occurred again. It’s the Internet, Jake.

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