Texts come through sporadically on home wi-fi

What phone do you have? Samsung J3

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? T T & 1 gb D

Issue Description

When my phone is joined on my home wi-fi, sometimes I get my texts in what seems to be real time and other times a batch come through when I leave the wi-fi system. If I turn off wi-fi, that also may cause a batch delivery. My husband who has the same plan and phone does not experience this. Is there a phone setting I need to look at?

I am up to date with RW. Using phone refresh code does not seem to help. Our wi-fi provider is Spectrum.

Thanks for any ideas. People think I am ignoring them since we are supposed to “stay in place.”

Actually, this has happened in the past. Phone recredentially code is what helped. But should I have to do this daily or every other day. Something isn’t right.

Hi @christinem.pocc4j,

Could you tell us what codes you mean? First you wrote:

Then you wrote:

If your husband has the same plan and the same phone, I think the next thing I’d look at would be whether there are any apps on your phone that are not on his phone.
Here is a list of some types of apps we’ve found to conflict with our service, as a starting point:

Thanks for your ideas. The code I had tried to use this time (and worked in the past for a different issue) is *#*#8647#*#* (That is star/hashtag/star/hashtag before the number and hashtag/star/hashtag star. It isn’t appearing as I typed it. Not sure what its official designation is.) I do have more apps than my DH who is visually challenged and I checked the list you posted. Gas Buddy has now been removed, so I will see if that makes a difference and check back in. Thanks again for some steering currents. Be safe out there.

There were some problems with the router that Spectrum usually provides, but I believe this was limited to actual calling Spectrum/Charter Is My ISP, Why Can't I Make Calls Over WiFi? – Republic Help

We do have a TWC/Spectrum issued cable/modem/router and it gets powered off/on every month or two, depending on other issues that may crop up. I will keep this idea in my pocket. I was think of purchasing my own cable modem (I have a router) to offset the monthly charge, but so far haven’t done so and am wondering which one. But that is another tech aggravation. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Well, resetting the TWC router/cable modem did not help.

My text messages continue to come in batches when I leave my home Wi-Fi or sign out of it. If I sign back in, I then seem to get texts real-time until the next “blockage.” The blockage is unpredictable. At first I thought it might be time driven, say from one day to the next. But one night I woke up to a bunch of texts coming through in the middle of the night. My husband’s phone, which is the same model and vintage, does not have this problem. It is beyond annoying when my sleep is interrupted. Any other ideas?

Oh and I did remove Gas Buddy, but that didn’t help, either.

Not to be flippant, but have you looked into using the “do not disturb” features on the phone that will automatically silence notifications overnight?

Is your router set to channel-select “automatically” ?

Do you have any battery-saving apps installed or battery saver or doze mode enabled on the phone?

Let’s try to pinpoint whether this is a problem we should be solving on your phone/network or whether it’s a problem that needs to be solved in our system.
The next time it happens, note what time you received the messages and make a list of who each one was from.
Then, visit your call and text records in the account portal. How to View Call Records and Message History – Republic Help
Find the same text messages and see what time our servers report them as received. It’ll be a little tricky because the timestamp in the account portal will be in UTC, so you’ll have to convert that to your time zone mentally.

If they show up in the account portal as received at the same time that you received them in a flurry, then we have a problem on our end that needs to be examined by our technicians.
If they show up in the account portal as received earlier than you actually got them on your phone, in line with when the sender most likely sent them, then we need to keep troubleshooting this on your phone and network.

Not flippant. Normally I don’t even let the phone in the BR, but it was a severe weather warning night, so I had it in case the weather app perked up. (It didn’t.)

I did notice that I had phone’s energy saver activated, so I turned that off. Still the same problem description.

The rest of your ideas (VG, by the way), I am off to investigate. Thanks for the mind floss.

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Okay, today as I drove off, my phone pinged once I was out of Wi-Fi range. I received two texts that had current time stamp. When I got home, I checked my husband 's phone. He h had received then yesterday at dinner time. He was at home and in Wi-Fi system. Same phones, same Wi-Fi. Any more ideas?

I looked at message history link, and the messages I got today were time stamped yesterday. (There was also one unknown to me phone number which called multiple time in a row. )

Thanks for these additional details @christinem.pocc4j. I’m very sorry to be so slow to get back to you.

I’m sorry if I’m not seeing this in your posts above, but what messaging app are you using? If you’re not already using it, would you mind trying Republic Anywhere?

What messaging app is your husband using?

Hi Southpaw. We are both using the same messaging app downloaded from google apps. It is Wyvern and the indicators are rc10.phone-dynmic release 5.9.099. I seem to recall we were told to use this app when we got our phones. I am happy to switch. Where do we find Republic Anywhere? Thanks for your continued guidance.

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