Texts frequently not delivered in a timely manner

What phone do you have? MotoG4

What plan are you on? My Choice Talk &Text + 1 GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Yes,iGB data

Issue Description

Several times a day I attempt to send a text and it waits several minutes (example 29 minutes last night) or several hours (example 15 hours in Friday). Even when I have full wifi texts will sit there without going. This has been happening for about a month. If I happen to get a text, the waiting text will go, but not always. I have tried sending a brief text to my husband to make my text that is waiting go. It doesn't help. As stated above, I have a MotoG 4 phone and i'm using the Signal app.

The only officially supported messaging apps is Messages (by Google) and Republic Anywhere.

That being said, I use Textra with no issues or delays.

Signal app can send normal SMS/MMS messages, but also has its own proprietary encrypted message service to other users. Using that setting(Send a Signal message), would have nothing to do with R.W. in how the text messages are sent and received as that app is just sending it over regular cell data connection to the Signal servers and may count as used data.

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