Texts not going through again

The radio station I listen to is having a contest. I have to text a word and I should get a bounce back confirmation but I don’t? Ive had trouble in the past several months one and off with texts not going through. Any ideas?

Information that would help:

  • Which phone?
  • Which Messaging App?
  • Does this fail on WiFi, Cell or both?

Hi @ritaw.8ln5hy,

Are you texting a code to a 5 or 6-digit phone number? If so, would you be able to share that number here?


Its 95819

I have a Moto4g

Im at home so it must be on wifi

I just texted to Cumulus Media 95819 from my Moto X4 and it went through.

  • In the Status (top of screen) is the RW Arc solid?
    • If not solid, then swipe down and see what the RW Notification says

Hmmm they say on the radio I should get a bounce back confirmation and the window for the contest is only 20 minutes : four times a day. I have done this in the past contests and always got the bounce back confirmation so I don’t know whats different this time. I will check the RW Arc next time. thanks

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