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Samsung S20 FE
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My Coice
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Data, talk and text

Issue Description

Just transferred from a Moto to the Samsung phone. Can send texts, but I am not receiving them on the new Samsung phone. I don’t think Republics text app got transferred. What do I need to do?


Hi @reneel.52jdkk, :slight_smile:

Let’s start by having you go over this Tip & Trick specifically for Samsung phones:

After checking the recommended settings and using the supported messaging app are you still having the texting issue? :thinking:

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Thank you for your response. Yes, all theses steps have been completed. Text issue seems to be intermittent. A text from my son’s IPhone did not come through today. Very weird.


Ugh, intermittent problems are the worst huh. :slightly_frowning_face:

Try going over this help article from Republic on texting issues:

Ugh. This weirdness continues. Most texts are received on the new Samsung. Using Android message app. However for 3 specific users the texts will go to the previous Motorola phone. For one of the senders, all of the texts go to the old phone and for another user it is hit or miss, usually when the Samsung is on the home WiFi.

Hi @reneel.52jdkk,

It sounds like Google’s new “chat” feature is still sending messages to the old phone when the senders are replying in a previous “chat” conversation.

Try the steps @louisdi shared, here: Texts from RW phones still going to my old phone - #2 by louisdi and please let us know if that takes care of it for you.

This seems to have solved it! Thank you!

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