Texts not sending "insert SIM card"


What phone do you have?
What plan are you on?
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
MOTO G5 Plus
Choice Plus Talk, Text

Issue Description

Just this afternoon I cannot send texts. The response I receive is “You may be able to send after inserting a SIM card”
I have not taken out the SIM card. Does that mean I don’t have anymore space in phone?
I’m on a new billing cycle but in SETTINGS I the Cellular Data is turned off even with the DATA saver Off.
ACTUALLY it says I don’t have a SIM card in the phone!!


The Cellular Data should not be turned off in the Android Settings. It should be turned on as it necessary for the proper use of cell call set-up as well as sending text (you do not need a data plan for this, and if you do, any data used for these functions will not be charged to you)

  • If you have need to turn off Cell Data, it should be done by use of the Republic App using the Data Tools.
  • In the RW App under Advanced Settings, there are two settings that if checked (enabled) will provide you Notifications if Cellular Data is disabled or Roaming is disabled and it is suggested these be utilized

This doesn’t address the SIM error you have, perhaps others will chime in with some guidance here


Actually, I didn’t turn anything OFF, except power off and on. It just is OFF! I can’t turn it on!


Case solved! The sim card slot was popped open!


Thanks, I just marked your answer as the Correct one :slight_smile: … you still may want to check the settings that are recommended in the Republic App

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