Texts randomly stopped coming in after many months of stable service

What phone do you have?
Moto G4 Play
What plan are you on?
My Choice talk and Text $17/mo
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
Just talk/text

Issue Description

About a week ago I noticed my texts were having trouble coming through. I use a my phone as 2FA security for a lot of websites and I’ve been having to re-send the codes many times to get them to come through. Now it’s come to a complete halt. I’ve tried everything, many different websites and I can’t get a text from any website.

I am able to receive texts reliably using the email service @text.republicwireless.com. I also do not have access to another mobile phone to test if messages will come through using a normal phone. However, websites do not work.

I’ve tried turning Wifi off, and back on, restarting the phone, un-installing all updated for the republic app, re-updating, I’ve installed the latest version of the new “Anywhere” app just to see if it would fix the problem as well. . I also have full bars

I’ve been using the phone in the same area for probably close to a year now and have never before had a problem recieving texts or otherwise any issues with the service.

Check your online portal under the phone > “I want to…” > “View Calls & Messages”. If you are not seeing them there then they are probably not getting to our network at all. Our support team can see if they are getting to our aggregator’s network. If it is getting to neither then the sender is having issues.

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I checked in the online portal. All my messages are showing EXCEPT for the important ones from Coinbase (this is the website I am trying to log into.)

I called Coinbase support (which is very, very good,) and he double checked that the messages were getting sent out properly to my phone #. They have a HUGE volume of users, and 90% use Phone 2FA for verification; if it was an issue on their end, their call center would be absolutely flooded with calls and I would have waited much longer than the 10 seconds it took to talk to a real person. Their system is working fine. This has to be a republic wireless issue.

Is it possible that the number is being automatically filtered through some sort of “Spam” filter enabled by RW?
(And can support please check and see if the message is getting into the aggregates network please? :slight_smile: )

could they be using the short code and now the short code is not working
the text are being blocked as spam and needs to be white listed…

just thought of something, try sending a “hello world” text to the coinbase number short code or otherwise
sometimes you got to say hello before it will work/ work again…


The last text message I received from coinbase was from 415-200-3324 on March 12th. I’ve never received a short-code text from them.

I just texted “help” to that number with my RW line and got a response.

I texted Hello to the coinbase 415 number, and tried to login again. I INSTANTLY got a short-code text from them. Don’t know how that works, but it works. THANK YOU @TheDoctor. You are a great phone doctor :wink:


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