Texts sometimes arrive many hours late

Hi folks,

This has been a running problem for a while but seems to be getting worse lately. First the basics. I have a Pixel 3a phone on RW and sent several texts to my daughter (who has another Pixel 3a phone). We’re both on RW’s TMobile service. My phone was on my home’s WiFi the whole time, My daughter’s phone was at first but she later left and was out driving around (in an area with very strong cell service) and returned to the house and about 2 hours later she got the text notifications.

She just replied to the texts about 2.5 hours after I sent them and much confusion ensued. Turns out they arrived 2.5 hours after being sent.

The other day my wife (also on RW, don’t remember her carrier) showed me a text message that we’d both been sent. She’d received it, I hadn’t. We were both home, both phones connected to WiFi. I put my phone in airplane mode for 5 seconds, took it out of airplane mode and the text message immediately arrived.

My wife complains somewhat frequently while at work that group texts are received by her coworkers but not her. It’s the same scenario; she can turn the phone off and on and the texts arrive.

This happens often enough to make me start questioning the reliability of the service; it’s really annoying and can even be dangerous when important texts are sent but not received until 2-12 hours later.


Hi @robg.ev3gek and welcome to the Member Community. There is a help document for Troubleshooting Texting Issues

I’d start with the items under the Troubleshooting Tips.

Refreshing the Republic Wireless Activation included in one of the steps often corrects many issues.

Recommend you hold off on the last three steps listed until other Members have a chance to make some suggestions too!

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