Texts still synced with Republic Anywhere even after deregister

I have noticed that texts SMS/MMS are still being synced to Republic Anywhere PC application even though I have selected the option to “deregister” my phone from the software. It is also not installed on the phone it self anymore.

Also, when i deregister my PC or do the reset local content, later on, if I log back into Anywhere on PC, any messages I have gotten or sent in the mean time while using other SMS apps do show in Anywhere.

So it seems that my SMS is being synced to the Anywhere server even when I don’t have the apps on or activated.

How do I stop this from happening? so that texts are not being intercepted by the R.W Anywhere server and instead only go straight to my phone?

I do Believe Republic stores all messages for 30 days (they may store even longer but it takes a government request or get access to them, I don’t know the details but I do believe all carriers do this as it is a requirement of being a carrier or MVNO in the US.)

the only way to prevent them from getting on Republic servers is to no send them though Republic (a 3rd party to 3rd party texting app (whats-app, FB messenger, Google Allo)

in short Republic Anywhere server = Republic Texting server

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O. I was under the impression that only if you had setup Republic Anywhere was texts then synced to that server.

Incorrect. In fact Anywhere will work without issue on your PC, even if you’ve never installed it on your phone (other than contact syncing).

So…if that sever every goes down unexpectedly or for maintenance,…texting ability goes down with it?

I’m honestly not sure what you’re getting at. All text messages are supported by some carrier back-end infrastructure. If that back end infrastructure is down, then yes, texting won’t work. Whether that’s the Republic infrastructure, the Sprint infrastructure, the bandwidth infrastructure, or whomever’s infrastructure, the story’s the same.

Anywhere does not have a dedicated server, it uses the same set of servers that all Republic texting uses, there are multiple servers backing up each other

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