Texts to a new phone

What phone do you have?
Moto Power 2021
What plan are you on?
1 GB unlimited
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
1 gig Data

I am transferring to a new Moto Power 2021. All of my accounts are transferred, and my old phone is prompting me to add a wireless account (which tells me that my new phone is confirmed). New phone can dial and transferred phone number works, but incoming texts are going to my old phone. I can text out, but can not receive texts back in unless it is replied to mine. Any stuggestions?

Hello @solfare,

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Did you sign into the Republic app on the new phone?
Here, let me give you the activation instructions and maybe that will help:

Please let us know if this helps you.

Yes, I am signed into the Republic App on my new phone. The link that you shared is what I have already used to activate the new cell phone and sim card. Everything has transferred over, but my texts still go to the old phone. So strange!

Hi @solfare,

On your old phone, please make sure the “Chat” feature is disabled in the Messages app by Google.

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I tried this, and was receiving a couple of texts through. However my husband is standing in the room texting me and nothing is happening.

Does he have the Chat feature disabled as well? (If he’s a Republic member.)

He may need to tap the three dot :dots: menu icon at the top right of his text conversation with you, tap “Details” and select “Only send SMS and MMS messages.”

It’s possible if you two were conversing through that “chat” feature before, that his phone is still trying to send to the old phone via the “chat” feature.

Bingo! That did it, thank you!!

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