Texts won't go to respond

What phone do you have? samsung j3

What plan are you on? unlimited talk & text

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? igb of data

Issue Description

I have a group text of about 20 people, and i can’t respond. I could when there was only about 15. I’ve checked all phone #s and have a valid 10 digit # and are all assigned to the same group. How can i eliminate them one at a time to see who is causing the problem?

It appears that different carriers can impose their own limits on the number in a group text. Republics limit is 25, however others can be 10 or 25 … see details here: Does Republic Wireless Limit the Number of Group Text Recipients? – Republic Help

Hi @jamesg.pc2hsr,

Thanks for asking your question in our Community. I hope some people who are more frequent group texters will chime in, especially if they’ve seen this problem.

I think if the issue were another carrier’s limit, the text message would simply fail for that participant. Another carrier’s limit wouldn’t block our members from sending to the group.

Do you know who the new 5 were when it went from 15 to 20?

Is this the same group text, to which 5 have been added?

I don’t see a way in the Messages app by Google to remove an individual from a Group Text. I think you’d have to create a new group text and add people one by one, which could become quite tiresome for your recipients.

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