Thank You Republic Wireless for the memories!

Thank you original Republic Wireless employees for the past 7 years you have served our family of four, but your change to AT&T and Dish has brought an end to our relationship. Why, why, why, go to the evil dark side?

It is what it is…We change as does all things around us. It was a great ride but the nucleolus is gone so c’estlavie
See you around RW…

Sadly, it does feel like the wonderful community of subscribers, kindly cultured over the past 12-13 years by enthusiastic people who considered themselves members of an exciting new startup, is going away. It feels like the Dish virus has taken over and eating away at the community, degrading the helpful, welcoming culture that the community created over the years.

The leadership, employees and ambassadors of RW did a remarkable job of building an online community where subscribers could vent, share, help and get help, and feel like they were members of something different… something special. It was special. RW shook up the MVNO world. It’s sad to see it crumbling, like broken shards from a dropped Dish. Based on what I’ve seen so far, it seems inevitable.

Whether I stay or go, which is questionable considering the alternatives, I will measure my phone service providers in the future by the standards of excellent support I came to appreciate from Republic Wireless. It literally felt like a family of neighbors, spread across the country. Shame on Dish if they let this excellent community and what it has come to represent over the years fall to the regrettable standards of so many others, including Dish, themselves, who have had a terrible reputation for service and deceit.


I wouldn’t write the Community’s epitaph just yet. I don’t think anyone, least of all me, is going to defend the incompetence of the 5.0 rollout. That said, now that there’s an unfortunate pause in that for existing members, let’s see what is done with it. Yes, the rollout has been incompetent and, yes, it should not have been launched during the holiday season but lamenting about woulda, shoulda, coulda will not change what happened.

Many of the helpful folks who’ve historically populated Community continue to do so, most notably our fearless leader southpaw.

Meanwhile, I suspect for most of us there is no compelling immediate reason to move on from My Choice. By all means, throw down the gauntlet to Republic’s new leadership but also remember it was the old leadership that decided to sell.


I certainly understand and share the sentiment right now. Thankfully my phones are working, albeit on a mixture of 4.0 and 5.0 due to activation issues. This is a low-point for Republic and I’m sure there’s tons of hindsight on how they would have done things differently.

I’m going to give them some time and hopefully I’ll be able to move over to 5.0 some time this month? Then I’ll let things settle and I’ll see if I’m happy or not with the service and such.