Thank You to Your agent


I wanted to say a BIG thank you to your agent, Valeriui. We had a phone conversation with him this morning regarding our activation on Larry’s phone. His suggestion about not being hooked up to wi-fi solved the problem. It looked like Larry was online, but I double checked and our home wi-fi needed to be connected to … I appreciated his patience with us. If there’s any way to thank him personally I would do so. Diane


Thanks for your kind words. I’ll be sure to pass your gratitude along to him; I’m glad he was able to get you up and running!


You should be famous. I’ve never known anyone who actually got to speak with an RW customer service person! I know I tried, and it never worked out. But RW got to sell another phone because I couldn’t wait on the 24 hr email cycle anymore to try and fix mine.
I never recommend anyone to RW who would use their phone for business or who is a technophobe. My wife and I have been with RW over 4 yrs and came to RW from Ting.


Hi @awolf,

I’m sorry to read that your past experience with our help team have left you with a lack of confidence in our service and our support.

If support by E-mail is not working for a specific situation you are facing, please let the agents helping you know that you would prefer to work by phone.

For the majority of questions we see, they can be answered by E-mail. There are situations where a phone call makes more sense.


Exactly what I did! But no one paid attention. So, it was go without service for days, or replace the phone. For someone in my position, RW is still the best value, so I got a new phone. That’s the only reason I’m still there. At the time, I was talking with a guy that had 6 business cells and was looking to change. Needless to say, after this event, he went elsewhere.


I’ll be glad to review your past interactions and submit the incident to be sure the help team is advised of a need to improve. Our processes have changed over time, and except in certain cases where agents are not allowed to move the conversation to a phone call, we try very hard to honor such requests.

I appreciate your candor when advising your friends. I hope eventually we’ll earn your confidence so that you can feel comfortable referring our service to people who trust your opinion.


Kudos to you, personally, Southpaw. You seem to try your very best to assist customers and are always willing to go the extra mile. I hope you are properly appreciated by the bosses!