Thanks for Helping My US Friends Who Live In Foreign Country Communicate To Their US Friends And Family Better

I know a family that has been living overseas for several years, and they came back to the states for around 3 to 4 months. When they were in the US, they posted on Facebook that they were looking for the best cellphone plan. Because I’ve been with around 6 phone plans in the past 7 years, and I’ve also helped several of my friends reduce their cellphone bills–no matter if they kept or switched from their carrier–I decided that I would give my 2 cents of advice. I actually didn’t advise them to do Republic Wireless as my first recommendation, but I did mention to them that my monthly bill with Republic Wireless was around $3.64 (because I was still on the 6 month free offer with the Ascend 5W).

They decided that they wanted more info from me, and we ended up calling each other. I gave them several options, and they were curious about Republic Wireless. I explained more about it, and when I knew they were serious about it, I told them I would give them my old 1st Gen. Moto X phone. It was just sitting on my desk collecting dust, so I would rather that it would be put to good use. I told them it would be perfect for them because of the refund plan and also the wifi only option when they would go back overseas.

I put the phone in the mail the next day I believe, and they used it in several states. Then they went back to the foreign country that they live in. Sure enough, they have been able to text and call people in the US with this phone on the wifi only plan.

I’ve never used RW outside of the US, but I’m so happy this plan worked out for them. I believe it was their best option. They have said that people are surprised that they have gotten calls and texts from my friends with their US number while they have been overseas. Out of all my phone recommendations over the years, this has been the most rewarding experience when I learned today about their delight with RW overseas.

Republic Wireless has been my second recommendation as far as cellphone carriers go. For people college aged or younger, it’s my first recommendation. Because MMS has improved, Republic Anywhere is awesome, and wifi calling is more streamlined, Republic Wireless is more and more having (or sometimes exceeding) the features of mainstream carriers. I think I might need to reconsider my position of RW being my second recommendation. I might start advising people to get RW as my first recommendation. RW has been my cell carrier for 2+ years now, and I’ve seen a LOT of improvements in that time. I remember about when I had just come to RW, people were just being able to get short codes. Then we got the ability to switch from cellular to wifi on the same call and etc. and etc.

Thanks to everyone at RW for helping out my friends overseas!! :slight_smile: #kudo


Also, because my friends like RW, it makes it easier for me to recommend RW to other people who know them. People can know that RW works for people other than me. Although I’ve had RW for 2+ years, this is the first family that actually went with RW based on my recommendation.

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you should add the #kudo to your post


Thanks for the thoughtful share @franklinm.wx8mce …really good stuff here!

We aim to be your default recommendation and know you’ll keep us honest as we strive for continual improvement.

Thanks for your trust in Republic Wireless.


I first got RW when preparing to move to New Zealand for a year and wanted a cost effective way to easily stay in touch with family. While there, I got a moto x (by having it shipped to my son who shipped it to me) and switched to the $5 plan. It worked beautifully there. I also had a local phone provided by my work place, for calls within NZ. My wife and I have been happy RW customers since then.


Good on ya mate…great use of RW technology and services @royrose.
A year in New Zealand sounds amazing.

Thanks for your trust in Republic Wireless.

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:thumbsup: Well, this was just a lovely post to read, and the comments as well. Thanks for sharing, @franklinm.wx8mce.


It’s been a great journey with Republic Wireless for the past 2+ years. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome.

I got another text today from the family overseas again letting me know how happy they are to use RW’s wifi only 2.0 plan and that it has allowed them not only to call their US friends and family, but people from the US are able to call them. They are thankful that this is very cost effective for them although they are living overseas.

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That’s very nice. I’m VERY new with Republic, but so far, I’m enjoying the service and I’m becoming quite partial to this community. At this point, I like Republic more than the other low-cost carrier I’m using for my extra phone.


Great to see you join us @Coffee.Mama. I’ll toast my cup of joe to you this morning.

Thanks for making your voice heard on The Republic Community so early on in your Republic journey.
When you give a little, you get a lot in return. Thanks much!


Thanks! I toast my cup o’ joe right back atcha. :coffee: :smiley:


I would like to second your #kudo up there, Franklin!

I am retired and my wife and I love to travel. We had an urge to go see the Aurora Borealis so we went to Iceland last December for a week. (Crazy, right? They only get a few hours of daylight in December so there are a lot of potential Aurora viewing hours.) We stayed at two different AirBnB homes, one in Reykjavik and one on a farm out in the boonies, and each of them had WiFi. Phone-wise, it was great! At one point we called a friend in Canada from the farmhouse in the middle of nowhere and had a crystal clear voice connection. We used an offline navigation program (I think it was called Navigator) with a previously downloaded Iceland roadmap, and were able to do GPS navigation everywhere we went. All without cell service! The weather was bad every night so we never saw the Aurora, but we had a lot of fun.

We have other friends who travel overseas. They always end up buying a pre-paid sim card with a limited number of minutes and data for the country they visit. I guess that’s how most people do it, but to me it seems wasteful. I noticed nowadays that one of the first things we see when arriving at an international airport are the kiosks selling sim cards. One of the reasons I love RW is that we don’t need these foreign cell services. Free WiFi is available in hotels, restaurants, and major stores everywhere. It is truly wonderful.

We have a Samsung S7 with $20 RW plan including 1GB cell data.


This is a fantastic share @harrym.iq7nnf. Thank you very much for making your voice heard on The Republic.

Overseas charges for mobile can be ridiculously high. It’s wonderful to hear that you’re leveraging WiFi so effectively as you explore the globe. Sounds like you’re visiting some very cool places as well. Thanks for taking Republic Wireless along with you!

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@franklinm.wx8mce we love hearing how Republic Wireless has improved and changed people’s lives. Thank you for sharing this and for being a member with us throughout the years!


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