Thanks for the great technical service!

I hope it’s OK to put this here – I don’t know of a better spot.

My wife’s Moto X gen1 started “searching for service.” I tried updating a few things, then worked with an Expert who had more advice and then transferred me to Technical Assistance. They did everything they could – even so far as to give the phone a new cellular subscription – before determining that it’s an antenna problem. Another company might have jumped to the quick but expensive buy-a-new-phone answer way earlier.

Thanks, RW tech guys!


Glad they were able to narrow it down to a bad cell tower in your service area … sometimes you can find this info by referring to

A couple of things that others have used

It’s a bad antenna in the phone, not in a tower. Sorry I didn’t write accurately.

Thanks for the clarification … for our continuing education … how did they determine it was the phones antenna?

My X1 had a similar problem. RW support said it was probably an antennae problem because they were unable to nail it down to another issue via our online exchange of info and their attempts at fixing.

RW surely didn’t ask me to send the phone to them to determine it was a hardware problem versus a recent change to the RW system.

Well, naturally, I didn’t send in the phone for hardware analysis, so I suppose I should say that they (and I) determined that it was probably the antenna or radio. We started with profile and PRL updates, then a backup and a “reset” of some sort, all the while I watched the Phone Status page. I did get a Republic Network connection very briefly once. They checked the IMEI info against something, which, I guess, was OK. I removed the sim card, photo’d it, and emailed the image, and they verified that the sim card was as it should be.

Then we did a this-time-we-really-mean-it reset (##786). Actually, I did a whole bunch of ##786 resets and closely watched and photo’d the network status and signal strength. A couple minutes after each ##786 the phone automatically gets a new cell service configuration – “Cell configuration required” – and reboots itself. But one time after the ##786 but before got a new cell configuration I captured a photo with signal strength -103 dBm 37 asu while my Moto G1 had about 82 dBm 2 asu. At that point the tech said the problem was either an issue with the cellular subscription or the antenna. So he assigned a new cellular subscription for the phone (somewhere in the Sprint/Republic system) and then I updated the Profile (after first cycling power once again). The new cell subscription didn’t help, so we concluded it was the antenna. (I say it could also be in the radio, but maybe that’s much rarer than the antenna.)

I wrote that I’d probably buy a Moto G4 Play, preferably through RW, but since RW doesn’t carry it I’d buy it elsewhere. The tech responded with a couple good ideas for getting the Moto X1 repaired, and he said that I’d need a new sim card for the new GSM network. Today I bought the Goto G4 Play (elsewhere) and the sim card.

So I guess the answer to “how did they determine it was the phones antenna?” is that we didn’t absolutely determine it, and that the Moto G1 helped build confidence – at least it boosted my confidence.



Thank you.

An explanation wasn’t needed but much appreciated for the learning curve on how the lil bugger works or in your case not work. This helps many with a conclusion to the thread & you will have probably helped someone else down the line. This is exactly what the community is all about.

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Thank you for the kind feedback, @jacks.kwpbf0 . Sometimes people have a very different reaction to learning that their phone needs to be replaced, and your gratitude toward those who helped diagnose the failure is greatly appreciated. I’ll pass your thoughts along to those who helped you, as well as their team leads.

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