Thanks Republic, sorry but I'm headed to Verizon prepaid

Beta member, annual subscription plan. My wife left for Verizon about a year ago. Prepaid for $25 per month. 5 gigs of data. She doesn’t use much data, but didn’t like RW. We have high end Samsung phones, and live in So Cal. Tried both Sprint and Tmo options, but she still had some coverage problems. Sleeping wifi sent calls direct to VM. I tried all the work arounds found here, but no luck. After the switch no issues for her.

I do realize they ( Verizon) prioritize data. Our kids send Snap chats to both of us and occasionally hers will arrive up to a minute later than mine. Usually it’s the within a second or less.

When Dish bought RW, I assume it’s because they want the wifi technology. It really is sweet. When we travel abroad it’s a life saver. Unfortunately we have no travel plans so…At any rate, it’s time to go.

5 gigs of data, plus excellent voice /data coverage for $25 per month. It’s about $8 per month more for me than the annual RW plan. Worth it.

Thanks to all who have been so helpful. Wish you well.


Hi @scotto,

Thanks for taking the time to provide such thorough feedback. I hope you’ll keep an eye on us, in case your needs should happen to align with our offers sometime in the future. We’re always glad to see former members come back.

Thank you for your time as a Republic Wireless member.


Hi Scotto, That $25/mo with Verizon starts out at $40/mo. Then after 3months, it goes to $30/mo. Only after 9months of continuous service does it go to $25/mo. So that 1st-year will cost $490. I checked it out. When I pay my annual RW plan with 2-GB data/mo it will be $270.60 which includes my beta discount which breaks down to $22.55/mo. A no-brainer for me. I’ll stay with RW and I get great service in my area. Good luck with Verizon.


Another person’s perspective. :thinking:

I have personally found that any form of Verizon phones service have issues with calls to me. I’ve recently changed my text settings for those people to SMS in settings.
I don’t care about their calls.

Unfortunately, (for them :roll_eyes:) I’m not interested in phone calls unless it’s actually life and death related. Texting has been proven during catastrophic events like earthquakes, etc to be the best option for so many people to contact one another and avoid system overload.

Text and email are the best way to avoid drama, long winded people, wasted time, etc.
It’s my phone, I pay for it. Anyone calling doesn’t control my phone or my time. :sunglasses:

Saving :money_mouth_face: money is top priority for most people on republic wireless.
I’ve invested every penny saved from switching to republic wireless since 2013. It’s now paying the entire bill and more.

Republic wireless ~ where you can have 2 cell phones with unlimited talk, text and 1 gig a data for free for life after 5 years.

Free :free: ~ doesn’t it just sing to you? :wink:

Priorities man, ya gotta have priorities. :rofl:

Good luck with your new service. Republic will be here if you want to come back.
Flexibility matters.



Where do I see the “free for life” after 5 yrs details please?

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Great question.
Oddly enough you are the first person to ask in 8 years even though I tell my story to everyone. :thinking:

In 2013 my family was with verizon and back then to have a smart phone required having a $30-40+ data plan per phone. We were on an unlimited talk and text with 3 flip phones for $157 out the door. This doesn’t include my wife’s discount for being a state employee and $18 off. So, for general purpose I don’t include it.
In the first year we switched to republic wireless for 3 smart Moto X phones on the unlimited talk and text for $33.78 out the door.

That’s a $1478.64 savings our first year. :heavy_dollar_sign::nerd_face::+1::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We were in the process of moving for a city to rural area and Verizon wasn’t very good and I had heard about the WiFi system from Verizon, hahaha. :rofl: Yes, that’s right they tried to charge me $278 for a device that I could connect to my internet and pay for both so my Verizon phones would have talk and text in the rural area. Seriously :flushed:

I invested my $1500 each year in my father-in-law’s apartment buildings that he buys from 2 million to 8. Now I obviously can’t afford to invest like him or even some of the other half a dozen investors, but I did what I can. The first year I saw 19% return on the money. That’s $285 or after my taxes a net of $223 a year. I have since invested every year on the day that the investment board meets to discuss selling, buying, refinancing and the plan for the next year. I’ve been able to invest $1500 since 2013 which is $12,000. Not much when you consider a car that doesn’t pay you anything. I’m averaging $1500+ net income a year from that one decision.

I have helped 9 other people during the 8 years either buying them a Moto series phone and or paying for a year on republic wireless for talk and text. Since then the affordable care act has made free phones very available so I don’t do that anymore.

Consider this though.
Let’s say that you don’t have any connections to an investment company.

Just putting $1500 in an online bank like Vio 0.57% or Ally 0.50% APR making $68 a year is still $544 after 8 years. :nerd_face::nerd_face:
There are obviously plenty of better options for investment than the low ones at the bank.

A friend of mine tells me that I should start a blog and make money for my advice.
I usually respond with:
I’d rather share and see someone else do better. :sunglasses:

:fire: Hot tips :free:

  1. USAA insurance company
    (Limited to military and connected family)

  2. Republic wireless only $13 out the door for talk and text paid in advance for a year. Or $17 with a gig of data.

  3. Costco 2 years free warranty on electronics and 2 more free with the credit card use.

  4. Google pixel 4xl (I’ve never had a better phone in 28+ years).

I’ll stop here :grin:
Happy hunting :gun:


I believe JCHanania said, “I’ve invested every penny saved from switching to republic wireless since 2013. It’s now paying the entire bill and more.” If the investments continue to yield, then there’s no more money out of pocket for life.


Thanks! I knew this was too good to be true. VZ confused me and I had thought I had cancelled Long Distance, and my dad still managed to dial $500 in long distance. Small print people, big profits, deception. Locked phones.

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We were early adopters of RW because we loved that it preferred to use wifi for calling. Since we both had desk jobs at the time it made no sense to use mobile data in a building with reliable wifi but spotty cell coverage. With young kids we though the Relay would be an amazing device, but then it fizzled when it had less capability than an old cell phone with parental locks enabled.
Republic was a great service but it just never seemed to break free of the limited data. As the world began to stream more and more, Republic offered less and less mobile cell options. Oh sure we can hotspot so the kids can attend distance learning but it cost us $20 in data for 2 days.
And now, with the limitations on texting non phone numbers (Venmo anyone? donating to a charity?) the luster has gone. We loved the month to month but that’s standard now everywhere. We’re taking our phones to another carrier and the hoops RW is making them jump through to port the numbers is exhausting.

You were fun for a few years RW but didn’t evolve with the market.

Maybe we’ll come back if you improve, but $25 unlimited with international calling in all the places we visit beats hoping the hotel or AirBnB has the VOIP enabled on their routers when we get there.


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Thanks for the feedback, @justins.5q96fr, although I’m terribly sorry to see your first post ever in our Community is your farewell message.

We hope you’ll check back with us from time to time, as we don’t plan to stand still forever.

We really don’t have any hoops, and the process is automated, we don’t have humans with their fingers in the mix, preventing numbers from porting. If the information you provide the new carrier matches what’s on your account, it works. If it doesn’t match, it will need to be tried again from scratch. The primary goal is the protection of the account against someone who may try to take over the phone number for nefarious purposes.


I posted with my full name a few times early on. We joined RW in 2011, later in the year if I recall, sick of Verizon raising fees for data. We never used much. Tehre was no streaming music, no streaming video really, just Pandora and Netflix but who wasted data on that?!

The porting has been delayed because of zip code differences in the system. I followed the FAQ to the letter and only got emails with a link to the FAQ instructions as help in the process. Republic’s system adds a zip +4 format to the billing zip code, while other carriers do not. Since your techs don’t have “fingers in the process” there is no way for them to approve the transfers from confirmed customers. Instead, my new carrier has to time port requests with me changing the credit card zip code, getting the approval before the system automatically changes the zip to a zip+4. Our account number and PIN were confirmed with RW days before the porting started. It was our new carrier who spotted what was being rejected.


I posted in the past about call handover issues back when that was a thing, then requesting new features and a device more suitable for just GPS tracking for kids, then Relay came out and I knew why RW never added that feature.

It was a good ride, we hoped our early involvement lead to innovation, just tired of watching from the sidelines as the industry advances. We tried making wifi calls from overseas but so many hotels and AriBnBs don’t have VOIP enabled on their routers we decided to move on.

Like I said, maybe we’ll be back.

Also, tech support shouldn’t be posting on a chatboard hoping someone who already lived through some error can offer advice. The link to this was incorrect in the goodbye email I received. I had to dig for it.



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True, and that’s why we offer multiple ways to get help - for things that require staff assistance, tickets with our trained technicians, live chat, and phone calls on request. There are plenty of “how-to” questions that don’t require trained technicians, and for those kinds of things, we offer a knowledge base, Community, and our Expert members, in addition to the tickets, chats, and phone calls. Something for everyone.

Did the link not point to our Member Community? It’s not meant to point to any specific topic in the Community. This particular topic isn’t meant to be for anyone leaving to post their feedback, it is a topic started by a member to specifically discuss why he is leaving Republic for Verizon prepaid.

The whole point of using smaller independent companies was to cut costs. And RW’s early use of wifi calling provided that edge.

But wireless bandwidth seems to have come way down… and my current annual plan of $20 a month for a paltry gig no longer seems a good deal not when TMobile is offering unlimited talk/text and 2.5 gigs (prepaid) for $15.

So I may not be here long. My annual plan ends 6-19.

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