Thanks Republic - You are the BEST

I keep looking for a place to say thank to the folks that make Republic work…

So ---- let me say thanks.

I upgraded my phone to a Moto G 3rd generation and I could not believe how easy the set up was and the transfer of information from your back up to my new phone. It was amazing and for some reason I was worried about upgrading.

You folks have done a wonderful job over the years. Yes, you are probably catering to the tech savy crowd and not to the older generation (I just turned 80), but I like the refund service (I get one every month) and my wife and I are very happy with the phones and service.

You have set the standard and every time I see a commercial for one of those “so called” cheap plans I laugh and say I have you beat with Republic!

Keep up the good work!!



Nice kind words & very sincere.

*** ~~ßocephous™***


Hi @peterh.q18ghv ,

Thank you very much for the kind words. I’ve shared them to make sure our whole team sees them. It’s always a delight to read some very positive feedback.


Thanks - I was hoping that someone would spread my message around. We never know who to thank for good work at Republic.

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