Thanks RW but time to move on

Yeah another see ya post. Thanks to all the employees and volunteers who have helped me in the past but after almost six years it’s time to go. Here’s my take on this. After a month of stay tuned for exciting changes they finally came in December. But not for you. This should have been made exclusively for current members first then bring in new customers. That and only two lines? Yes there was a work around but I shouldn’t have to create two new accounts for three lines. So long story short I was always happy with the service but couldn’t pass up T-mobiles 55+ Magenta plan. Two lines $70 no taxes and fees and it includes netflix which I already have so they pay for it now. So two unlimited lines and netflix for $61. I still have one line, sons phone, with RW for now hoping to maybe try it out on the 5.0 plan in the future. Thanks again!


Have you ported out? If so, any problems or delays with that?

SD streaming. Ugh.

I’m not endorsing this, but you can always use a VPN to get around it from what I’ve read.

They give you $8.99 towards your netflix bill so you can keep your $13.99 hd plan if that’s what you have.

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No problems. Went to local t-mobile store and kept both old rw phones for now. Ported out both numbers less than 20 minutes.


Oh, nice!

Have you tested inbound calls from numbers not on T-Mobile’s or other networks?

Yes. I was able to make calls immediately. It took about an hour after porting to be able to receive calls. Haven’t had any issues with calls or text messages from other carriers.


much more nonsense and i’ll be posting my own “see ya”.


Be careful with TMobile. They make promises and have promotional prices you will find changed after a month or two even if under contract and they don’t tell you it’s just a promotional price for 30, 60, or 90 days either. Your cost will just go up automatically. If you are doing pay as you go their customer support is horrible. The price you switched to will not stay that way, they will raise it soon without even notifying you. TMobile will also keep charging you after you drop them and you have to fight to get your payments back. sometimes the grass looks greener in the other side of the fence untill you start grazing there then after a while you will find it’s not so great after all. Hidden fees aren’t worth switching for neither is horrible customer support or broken contracts or false information given.

So far, my customer support has been exceptionally good.

These things are typically a YMMV experience. I used to do business T-Mobile Prepaid for a household iPhone. When it came time to port the number out, I found the T-Mobile prepaid customer support experience to be a miserable one. So miserable in fact, I ended up resorting to an FCC complaint to get the number released.

The above said, I’m genuinely happy to hear your experience has been a good one, so far. Perhaps, things have changed for the better since I was last their customer.

I envy you. I started my transfer to Verizon prepaid ten days ago, and it still is not done. Been bouncing back and forth, wearing out both customer service departments, with a new roadblock each time.

It would be a minor inconvenience, but any text messages I get from a Verizon number don’t make it to my RW SIM. I installed the Verizon SIM to try the system yesterday, and literally dozens of messages that I had missed over the past week came flooding in. So, I’m now in the dark, missing out on half my conversations because a ten-minute process is ten days and counting.

Moral of the story, if you have to leave, go to T-mobile, Mint, or Fi, at least as an interim step. Then, you can smoothly switch to another carrier.

This is fascinating since I believe you’re activated on a 5.0 plan with a “real” mobile number.

I can only speak for the port-in support which was quite good (I was surprised as ANY type of good telephone support is rare these days).

OTOH, I had an issue with my AT&T landline billing this week. Two calls each involved 10 min of phone tree sport left me with a dead carrier. Rather than try and pay online as I was attempting, I dropped it in the mail. Terrible (and they wanted $2 to transact payment TO THEM with online phone support---- NOPE!)

Yup, that is supposedly the case. Verizon insists that it is still a VOIP, though.

What is said for the carrier here: You are being redirected...?

Does it still say Bandwidth? Or, does it, perhaps, say New Cingular Wireless (which is AT&T)?

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Neither; it says T-Mobile, which probably means that it’s stuck on the 4.0 system.

Nope, though Republic used T-Mobile’s (or Sprint’s) network for cellular coverage on 4.0 plans, Republic numbers were never hosted on T-Mobile’s network. Republic numbers on 4.0 plans (and earlier) are hosted on Bandwidth’s Voice over Internet Protocol network (hence the VoIP status). Republic numbers on 5.0 plans are hosted on AT&T’s network.

I’m beginning to think that particular database isn’t updating as fast as it once did because, theoretically, your number hasn’t been on T-Mobile’s network since it was on Google Fi. Fi numbers are hosted on T-Mobile’s network.

You might try this one: Number Lookup API - Number Type, Carrier Info and More.