Thanksgiving Challenge: Name 1 thing about Republic Wireless that you're thankful for

I joined Republic Wireless over 2.5 years ago, and I was researching about the company on Facebook and via the news for about a year before that time. I remember a big thing people were concerned at that time was the ability to receive short codes. I joined RW anyways, and that has been resolved to the point that people might have completely forgotten that was even an issue “back in the day”.

Can you name one thing about Republic Wireless that you’re thankful for since becoming a member?


I am thankful for the customer support/“relations”. It’s neat to be able to actually get a personal response from Republic to a question/concern on social media!


I am thankful for many things.
The savings for 5+ yrs.
The community forum.
The friends I have made here in the community.
The knowledge I have gained since being here in the community.
Well thats for starters off the top of my head.


Given the poor cell service at my home I’m especially thankful for having a phone that works on WiFi.


Thankful for
the learning experience on the community (I know more about cell phones and their networks, the Android OS)
the Republic support system here in the community
I not complaining about the money being saved


Like @billg I’m thankful for a phone that has worked on WiFi (for years by this point).

I’m thankful for all the ways having a Republic Wireless smartphone has made my life better.

I’m thankful for all the smart, helpful people at Republic and here in the Community.




I’m thankful that Republic Wireless and its people continue to provide products and services that keep attracting and maintaining the caliber of customers that keep joining our community.


With Republic I feel like I’m actually being given a service compared to other carriers. I’m very thankful to be treated as a valued customer instead of another dollar sign.


Hi @franklinm.wx8mce,

What a great thread! Thanks for thinking up this idea! I notice your original post doesn’t actually name one thing you’re thankful for!

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One thing I’m thankful for… some others here have said it, but it’s worth repeating. One of the things I’m thankful for is the friendships that have grown out of interactions and collaborations here in this online Community.


It doesn’t take contracts to make people stick around!

Happy to be a 5-year member and looking forward to many more…without contract
of course :sunglasses:


I’m thankful for being able to decipher my monthly statement without having to go through the “what is this, what is that?” routine.


This is awesome! I’m thankful for all I’ve learned here in Community from all of you and from my teammates. :green_heart:


The Community makes you feel you are a part of RW, not just some anonymous number. I think there is genuine interest in us and in solving any phone problems we may have.


I’m thankful that everyone is able to find answers to the questions they have - in this supportive and smart community members have created!

On a personal note, I’m thankful for the money I’m saving - or rather, how I get to spend it now. Taking a family vacation this weekend.


The one thing I am most thankful for with republic wireless are the help tools available to help with mine and my families issues and to help others with their issues by sharing with them.


My wife and I have been customers of RW since June, 2013. We’ve saved a ton of money since we switched from vw and the one best thing I am thankful for is the rebate for unused cell data. It is so nice to see each month, “Here is the money we are returning to you for unused services!” Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!


I am thankful that many, many years ago I took the chance on Republic Wireless.

After many years and eight phones, our family couldn’t be prouder of our choice. I have nothing but good things to say about Republic Wireless and their stellar team.

Keep up the good work!!!



I’m thankful for 4 years of savings for reliable phone service!


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At the beginning of this tread I said that RW resolved the issue with shortcodes, but I didn’t mention that I was thankful for that.

These are some things I’m thankful for about Republic Wireless:

1. I’m Thankful That Republic Wireless is Continually Innovating.
This is huge to me because I’m a person that likes technology. I have had a habit of reading a lot of technology articles. My first smartphone was a Verizon iPhone 4, and I definitely was a brand advocate of Apple and still am, to a certain extent. I watched the Apple keynotes, I read every day probably for 2ish years, and etc. and etc. I still read their articles from time to time. What has been exciting to me about Apple is their commitment to innovation. I wasn’t just excited about where Apple was as a company when they came out with their latest iPhone; I kept on reading about them (I probably spent too much time doing so…) because I was excited about where they were going. I liked their innovation. BTW, I’m writing this on a mid-2012 Macbook Pro.

Someone had mentioned something about RW to me before, but I think I really started learning about RW for myself when I was thinking of reducing my cellphone bill further. I believe I learned about RW through a tech article. At any rate, I read up about RW and followed the RW Facebook page for about a year before I became a member. I read about the direction the cellphone industry was going when I read articles such as “How plain, old WiFi will revolutionize the cellular industry” from the Washington Post and “Where Do You Really Need a Carrier’s Wireless Network?” from Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

I couldn’t embrace the thought of my phone hanging up on a call and then recalling the person I was just on the line with when I switched from wifi to cellular networks, so I didn’t initially go with RW. Afterwards, the Moto X looked awesome to me, but the upfront cost of a $299 phone was a little bit too much for me since I was becoming more and more interested in the phone plan over the phone. However, RW came out with the 1st Generation Moto E…I hesitated because I was in a Sprint roaming network, but being the inquisitive person I was with phone plans (I had been with probably 6 or so carriers in 3 or 4 years), I decided to give RW a try.

I have experienced things like dropped calls with RW (which has gotten better), but one reason why I’m still a RW customer is because I believe that RW will continue to get better over time. The improvement with shortcodes is just one example.

In the time that I’ve been with RW:

  • My 1st Gen Moto E was able in time not only to do wifi to cellular handoffs, but it became able to do cellular to wifi handoffs, too.

  • I can text people on my computer, a which is a feature I use more or less daily.

  • Shortcodes aren’t an issue now.

  • Multimedia messaging has gotten better. I remember that it seemed like I was missing out on some group texts before the 3.0 plans, but I don’t think that’s the case anymore.

  • I had an opportunity to experience the refund plans–I actually like that system better, but I’m still happy for the 3.0 plans. I’m glad that RW has tried to experiment with different phone plan options. I’m definitely happy for the additions in the quality of service (Republic Anywhere & MMS specifically) with the 3.0 plans.

  • I’m glad that RW phones can be sold and reactivated for other members. If my memory serves me correct, that wasn’t possible for awhile before I was a member and/or when I first became a member.

  • I’m glad that I now have an unlocked GSM phone because this phone can actually be sold to people that don’t even use RW if and when I ever want to sell it.

  • There are a lot more phone options that people can choose from, and with some phones, people can do BYOP, too.

  • I also have been thankful to see part of the RW’s roadmap in past–from Maestro to Tempo before it was actually implemented. (I know that Maestro has changed to the 3.0 plans now).

I’m sure that there are a lot of improvements that I’m not even mentioning that have occurred in the 2.5 or so years that I’ve been a member of RW. I think it would be interesting to have a thread where members highlight the improvements they have seen/liked since they have been members.

Seeing people’s ideas in the Think Tank was also pretty impressive to me as well. Knowing that RW’s parent company was, which had worked with Skype also helped me know that innovation was deep in RW’s roots.

Wow. This is just point #1 for me about Republic Wireless. In addition to being a person that likes technology, I like to write, too. :wink: I have more to write, but I guess I’ll have to save the other points I would like to articulate for another time (in the near future though).

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