The awful Google photo App to edit photos on MotoG5S+

Is there a way to get the gallery app that I used to have on my Moto G3?
when I upgraded specifically to get a better camera to the Moto G5Splus it forces me to use google photo =( which is unwieldy , does not work well, and is unable to edit photos adequately or at all in comparison , even just cropping a pic is more steps and awkward -
I wish I had known I would have never upgraded and I can find no answers in the forums or on internet.
I have been searching since I made the mistake of upgrading =(

I am a nerd and have always had google photos on other devices and YES I am TOTALLY familiar with All it’s lack of features and hard to use interface but on the phone it is a real pain especially compared to the wonderful gallery app that had such effective easy editing and saving.

if you are thinking about upgrading your phone just to get a better camera, do not bother, you will be so very disappointed!!

is there a way to download or find the motog3 app for gallery? that worked so much better
thank you for your help!

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Motorola made the decision to remove their Gallery App from the phone on nearly all their new phones. There are plenty of 3rd party apps that can act as your gallery. Here’s a highly rated one:


Snapseed by Google is a good app for editing photos.


Nope , looking at features Neither of these has the actual edits I need =(

I want to be able to negative an image
and I want to adjust the hue

other than that I use No Filter or effects
I realize most humans do not need these
but they are essential to documenting linework
and very frustrating trying to use all these apps that are as bad as snapchat filters

I really appreciate your suggestions

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The post here has been deleted. The linked app really didn’t work as expected.

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Color Touch Effects supposedly has hue and negative effects. I haven’t used it.

Edit: OK, I’ve used it. It’s quirky, but it seems to work (it’s not entirely intuitive).

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I would download the pics to a PC where there are many programs available to do as you wish. Just go to and search for photo editing. I like Photoscape but there is a plethora of options free and pay for. Digital Photo Editing

that is what I have been doing but it is a real pain to get pics off google photo, use my pro tools then have to reupload to just send by text which alters the quality and is an incredible time suck
and photos are not as high quality with this new messaging app still show up as movies for some users sent same image? and anywhere was rather horrid and would not save messages that are important to keep
I may as well use my heavy real camera if I have to go through all those steps

I should have never ever upgraded trying to get a better camera =( the G3 took much better detail shots and close ups of insects

I was really hoping the exact moto gallery app would be downloadable =(

I appreciate yalls suggestions
they are the same ones I tried before asking in despair
thanks for your help! is installed on my Moto X Pure, is it not loaded/downloadable on your G5S?

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thank you, but that is the new version that is rather awful and integrated with google photos
the entire reason I started this thread is because I was frustrated it is so inadequate
and the older version worked so efficiently
I was hoping there was a version of the older moto gallery that still had all the features unlike this version and was not from a sketchy third party with crazy spelling like the one for mooterola haha

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Yes a pain in the derriere switching to Pc then back to phone then to text is very time consuming. The compression tools used that you never see or hear about when sending back & forth then texting takes a toll on a picture. This process each time eliminates some stuff in the picture but don’t really see the diminished quality.
Remember the movie where the actor made copies/clones of himself so he could do 3-4-5 things at one time, well each copy got dummer and dummer on each copy/clone. The last copy/clone was hilarious where he couldn’t function drinking a soda.
Well long story short there probably isn’t anything you can do but pay for an app that can do it on the phone but could be pricey as app go.
paid camera filters and effects

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FYI - This may not be able to be installed.

This can’t be installed on any of the new phones.


What’s your definition of a new phone?


I believe it’s anything newer than the moto X 2nd Gen., but it could be the moto X pure, I’m not actually sure. What I can tell you is that none of the phones we own including the Moto G4, can use the older gallery.

Moto X Pure did come with Motorola Gallery. Though not exactly a new phone it’s compatible with the My Choice plans. It might be a good to know for answering a mobile trivia question.


Interesting, so it appears to be 4th Gen phones. No Gallery on the G4, E4 or X4.

I use Dropbox to communicate between my Moto Z Play and my Macs (desktop and laptop). I have to use the Dropbox app to select and upload full-size photos, but it’s not hard.

Also, any file in Dropbox is available on my phone, FWIW.

A 2GB acct is free at DB, I believe. I have the Pro plan (1TB).


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