The Best Smart Phones for Senior Citizens

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  Switching from a flip phone to a Smartphone can be scary for anyone, but especially for those who don’t consider themselves “tech-savvy”. In this high-tech world, there is a pressure to keep up with this fast-paced even when you don’t feel ready. If you’re a person who grew up when rotary phones were in most households, you might feel especially overwhelmed at the prospect of picking out a smartphone and having to learn how to use it. I recently purchased a new Android smartphone and I was surprised at how much more difficult the choice was than I expected!…


Don’t you mean Alcatel A30 here?

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Yes! Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I have been playing around with which phone feature and must’ve missed a change. Will make the fix! Thanks!


As a senior citizen (77) the best smart phone I’ve found is the Samsung Galaxy S7. My peer group doesn’t like cheap, slow, buggy phones.


Hi bllig
My My you are a young senior citizen. Being 81 an my best phone
is the Moto5G+ an Nexus5x.


Ditto, except on age part. Loved my Moto Pure until it had a problem. Love my Samsung S7 edge, runs smoothly, fast and not as heavy as Moto Pure.

I gave a clunky near new G1 to a senior lady friend of mine a couple of years ago as a cost saving measure. She found it easier to use and more durable as a none smart phone than her previous flip phones that were easy to break when dropped. She has since learned to use a very limited number of smart features and has no interest in most of the bells & whistles.

When purchasing for a smart phone shy individual, yourself or another senior the best may be the least expensive with adequate coverage for their first smart phone.

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“the only problem I notice is that sometimes it is hard to hear other people on the phone.”

If you don’t mind some advice from a senior citizen who has only had his G5+ for five days. . .

I had the same problem and discovered that if you lower the phone on your ear so the top of the phone is about at the middle of the ear, the volume will be much louder. What you may be doing is pressing the phone against your ear below the speaker and blocking the sound.

To test this, move the phone away from your ear slightly and see if the volume increases.

Volume seems fine to me now.


Thanks for the tip! I will definitely try that. I do love an easy solution!

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