The caller dialed the right number but it comes to my phone, why is this happening?

I upgraded my phone to a Moto Z play last December (2016). Since the upgrade I have been receiving phone calls asking for an X person. I have asked the caller for the number they dialed and when they give the number, it is a number with the same area code but a different number. It is not a wrong dialed up, it is the call being re-routed to my cell phone number. I tried myself. I used a friend’s phone to dial this X person’s number, and my phone rang. I can’t imagine the frustration of this other person not receiving the calls because they are routed to my number.

Does anyone else has the same problem? What is the fixed>@sarahd@repwireless-admin@seanrcallsfromothernumber calls-rerouted dialrightnumbergoestodifferentphonenumber

The caller is dialing your underlying carrier number. The next time that person calls tell them they have the wrong number. If that doesn’t work, open a service ticket and as RW to change your underlying carrier number.

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