The Case for a Case for a S-7 Edge


The Case for a Case for a S-7 Edge.

There always seems to be two things to consider when buying a case for your very expensive new cell phone especially when the phone itself is absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Do you want stunning looks that enhance the look of you phone or battlefield grade protection assuring a long and happy life with a phone that just cost you more than you paid for your first car? Well, I’m sorry to say that nothing has changed. You can get out your wallet and start looking but you’re not going to find a case that offers both so this is a review of two cases for the Galaxy S7 Edge (and for the Galaxy S7 also).

In the “lookin’ good “ department, and for the paltry price of $15, take a look at the Caseology Envoy. This case has real class that will enhance the looks of an already great looking phone. It’s cut well, will hold your phone snugly, offers reasonable edge protection and ssports a genuine leather back in choice of colors. The metallic accent trim s perfectly complements the phone and it all slides effortlessly in and out of your pocket. It’s a case that truly enhances your phone’s looks. Yep, I got one and it looks fantastic! If you’re generally careful with your phone, don’t drink excessively or engage in activities generally reserved for people having a death wish, this is a case you’ll love and one that will impress your friends.

Okay, now lets assume you really love your phone and want it to last at least forever regardless of how stupid you can be at times. Good news! The case that will protect your phone with more care than you’re likely to use protecting yourself is an Otter Defender. Yep, I’ve also got one of them and it’s a truly battlefield grade case – big, not very attractive but amazingly protective and a case that will assure your phone will outlive your grandchildren! The Defender comes with it’s own screen protector that actually works well and doesn’t interfere with the touch thing . The case even has rubber seals that protect your phone’s ports like the earphones and charging ports. This means your phone will likely survive a night in the toilet or a nine hour call outdoors in a hurricane. And, if you’re a wireless charging junkie, here’s a surprise… The phone fast charges perfectly on a Samsung Fast Charge and does it all perfectly right through all that protective wonderfulness. Who knew…


Nice review! I would recommend the Supcase Unicorn beetle pro as well. It’s like an otterbox but slimmer. Provides excellent coverage and nice design as well. Very rugged.


How does it feel to drive a Rolls Royce? :wink:


Hi @slacker,

Excellent review, thank you for taking the time to post it!

Do you have any pictures of your phone in either case? We’d love to see what “lookin’ good” looks like! (Without infringing on copyright by using pictures from the manufacturer. :scream: )

Great tip there, that the wireless charging works through even an Otterbox Defender! I’d have suspected otherwise.

May we send you a Republic Wireless T-shirt to thank you for contributing here?


Great review! Do not say no to the offer of the RW T-shirt. Their shirts are extremely comfy!


I’d love to have an RW T-shirt and YES, please do send me one - (men’s Large if you’ve got one but a medium also works).
By the way, I truly love the S7 edge. Amazing camera, awesome screen and fantastic sound quality. Sorry about not having any pics of the cases but they’re all over the internet. Oh, and the Samsung Fast Charge works flawlessly through either case and does deliver a very fast charge on both. However, unlike the standard Adaptive Fast (wall) Charger, the wireless charger generates quite a bit of heat while charging. Since the Otterbox Defender is virtually a closed system, the heat builds up quickly. Since heat is the enemy of all things electronic I personally wouldn’t use it overnight every night but it’s sure a lot more convenient that stringing wires around.


In my experience, stick with the men’s large. The medium will be a tad tight…:fearful:

Great review, nicely done!


Thank you Olyolson. Hope someone finds the review helpful. And thanks for the sizing note. I normally wear a large but I can almost squeeze into a medium if I haven’t eaten for three or more days. That may also explain why I don’t go to the beach as often as I used to! f RW sends me a medium I’ll have to hire someone to help hold my stomach in!


We’re all about saving money, so I’ll make sure to send a large. I’ll DM you to verify your address. (Please don’t post it here.)


Here’s the Caseology case that the OP mentioned, though I’m not sure which color slacker was referring to. I like the Carbon Fiber and Cherry Oak, especially if you have the gold version of the phone. I’m considering an S7 but prefer black over the gold so I’m considering Caseology Skyfall and Tech21. FYI, the Caseology product description says that the material is faux leather.