The Cloud Took my Photos

While viewing & re-arranging photos and videos, my Moto X Pure [Android 7.0] asked me if I wanted to save 310MB of space. Without much thought, I pressed yes. I thought it was just cleaning junk, like my desktop CCleaner.

What it instead did, was erase ALL of my collected Gallery of life memories since 2013.

Some of these were precious – baptism of grand daughter, video of me skiing on my 74th birthday, etc.

What a mistake! Is there any way to get these back?
Blessings to All Who Help on this Site

Hopefully this will provide you the information needed, assuming that you actually were backing them up they will still be available in the cloud, as you just removed them from the phone


The simplest way to check that they’re still hopefully there is to go to Do you see the photos there?


Wow! Yes- they are still there! Can you tell me how to get them back on my fone? [sorry if I sound dumb]

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You should be able to view them in the “Photos” app on your phone. If you want them stored locally on the phone (which will then reoccupy the space that you cleared when removing them from the phone) you can take a look at the tip I wrote here: Downloading Pictures From Google Photos to your Phone

thank you so much, J Ben!!!

this is INVALUABLE and I thank you for it! I continue to marvel at the Republic community…



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