The Community move is tomorrow


Starting at midnight we will be migrating The Republic Community forums over to the new, Discourse-based platform. I thought I should let all interested parties know what to expect.

Here are the steps, in order:

  • At midnight the current community will move to a “read-only” state. Members can log in but they will be unable to post new topics or comment on old ones.
  • Sometime before 8 AM the new forums will be made available for use.
    • Users will be migrated.
    • Content will be migrated. Not all of it.
    • User avatars and picture imports from posts will not show up right away. They will come in the background over the next day or so (Thursday or Friday).
    • At launch, we will have a banner on the old Jive-based Community pointing to the new Republic.
  • Over the next couple of weeks, we will continue to bring additional content, move content into correct categories, manage Trust Levels and settle in. If you see something that looks like it’s in the wrong place, just let us know.


Will my login work the same as the old community?

Yes, you will click login image and use the same credentials to gain access.

Will usernames and avatars stay the same?

Yes, but the avatars may take a day or two to import.

Will all of the content from the old community be migrated to the new one?

No, we will primarily be moving discussion content created over the past 6 months. All posts in Republic Help Updates will be brought in from the last 12 months. We will also move some older, high-value content in the next few weeks.

We will not bring over the ThinkTank(Suggestions) section of the old community.

How to get to the new forums?

We will post the link when the site comes up and is ready to use. We will also post a banner (see below) on the old community pointing over to the new one. In a few days, we will change all links pointing to the old community in the site headers over to the new one.

When will the old community be turned off?

In mid-June, we will take the old community down and provide targeted redirects to the new one.

Where will the knowledge documentation go?

We are moving the knowledge base over to our Help Center over the next week or two. Look out for a post in our new digs regarding that.

If you have any question, concerns or are just excited and want to tell others, comment below:


How do I get an RSS feed of the new forum? With the old forum, the RSS feed gave me the latest topics on my home page. I don’t see where the RSS feed is provided now–so the feed still gives me the old topics.


Just add “.rss” to the end of the URL for example Community Forums - Latest topics


Fantastic! This works great. Thank’s for the tip.