The Community Move: Knowledge base Edition


Today, we take the next step to move our Community off of our legacy platform. The Community not only housed our discussion content but also contained our knowledge base content as well. Today, we have successfully migrated that content over to our Help Center.. What does this mean? What will change?

Will the search change?
There will not be a visual change to our search feature in the Help Center. It will just reference the new content location.

Will the content change?
Slightly. We have fixed a few things but have avoided a large-scale content change. That will be coming as we mold the content to be more easily searched and delivered over more mediums.

Will the Help Center site change?
We are keeping the basic look and feel of the Help Center the same but changing two basic content areas on the page. See picture below:

Will the old content links work?
Yes, we will be working to forward them to the new content location.

What improvements will there be?
Right away there will be improvements in a few areas. One will be that the content will be easier to browse than it previously was with all content being in logical categories and sections. The rest will come over time as we launch more search avenues from global search, social search, wizards, and embedded search.

What are the next steps for the old Community platform?
Sometime in mid-June, the old Community platform will be turned down and various sections and content will be redirected to the new Forums and Help Center. Until then, both sites will be up and running.

Many groups here were involved in making these changes @beng, @tiggs, @southpaw and @Ryan all played a huge role.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below:


Thank You everyone for all your time, efforts & commitment to resolving this. Many members will benefit with these changes & many volunteers, ambassadors, experts and moderators duties will be easier.
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If I understand correctly we can only search documents from the Help Center not through Community anymore?


Correct, but we are working on a unified search, but they are, right now, two separate systems.


When we find documents that aren’t redirecting, should we be posting them somewhere?



That’s a Republic Help Update blog rather than a document per se. It now resides here. I don’t believe redirects apply to content moved from Jive to Discourse.


This is a doc though, right?


Yup, that’s a doc.


We will redirect a few for SEO reasons but not all like documents. A few discussions and a few blog posts.


So then something that we shouldn’t be reporting?


Just documents that are DOC-####


We are not redirecting the alias try