The Death of Republic wireless. "Hurry up, and buy a defective new phone from Republic, and get a used as a replacement."

The Death of Republic wireless. “Hurry up, and buy a defective new phone from Republic, and get a used as a replacement.”

What has happened within Republic Wireless??? I will say I have been a fan of Republic wireless up until lately. I have been with RW for several years (4 year exactly) I even went as far as getting friends and family set up with Republic wireless (20+ individuals nationwide). I had a 1st gen MotoG (on the old plan that I loved) that was old and starting to be outdated, so I bought my wife and I new phones. I thought it was going to be another good renewal with them (Wrong the internet stinks and I don’t care for the plans with the new phones). So I get my new moto G4 plus phone and realize the speaker is broken (Static and viberations in everything you did). I finally speak with a series of Tech support agents through email, who most of them tell me to do the same things (annoying). I then finally had enough and shared with them a link to Lenovo’s website (that discusses a known defect in some of the ear pieces). I finally get someone after much persuasion to have them send me a “new phone”. I set it up, and come to find this is a refurbished phone. I bought two new phones a little over a month prior, and you send me a defective to replace it with a pre-owned phone (as stated next to the device ID)? At this point I want a refund of the original phone, and I will take my business to Project Fi. It was nice to do business with you over the years, but at this point I don’t want to do business with you anymore as I see how you value my business.

Sincerely, An upset customer.


Hi @jonathano.v9aknw,

I’m sorry to see how frustrating this is for you, and I’m afraid what I’m going to tell you isn’t going to make you any less frustrated.

Our Terms of Service explain our warranty when you buy a phone from us:

Republic Wireless offers you a limited warranty that the Mobile Device (and any included accessories) will be free from defects in material and workmanship according to the following terms: the limited warranty for the product extends for fourteen (14) days from the Delivery Date;

As a courtesy, after the 14 days, we sometimes offer to replace a defective phone, and we do replace those with B-stock phones. The actual warranty on the phone is between you and the company that makes the phone. I believe in most cases, if you were to go through them for a replacement, you would also be sent a refurbished replacement phone.

Here’s more about this policy: Certified Pre-owned Phones

We do appreciate your loyalty over the years and your spreading the news about us to others you know, and I’m sorry to read that our policies caught you off guard. Your ticket is currently under review.


Just so you know, Project Fi will also offer a refurbished phone for warranty replacement. There are plenty of posts regarding this on the Project Fi help forum.


So you’re mad you got a refurbished phone that works and has no problems? This ‘refurbished’ device was just another phone someone returned within the 14 days most likely because they just didn’t like that particular device. It’s like being angry your new car has ‘x’ miles on it because it had been previously test driven before being sold. If it’s physically unblemished and components are working, it’s new. I can understand if the replacement b-stock phone is cracked, scratched, bluetooth broke, cellular signal bad, or wifi doesn’t work. Is that the case? Does the replacement work?


it’s simple fact all OEMs and carriers do refurbish/b-stock for warranty replacements


Hello RW,

I would like to know what a “B-stock phone” is in detail.


  1. are there any refurbished phones which are older than 14 days;

  2. for phones older than 14 days, what can be the reason for being B-stock" phone


Here is a link to Republics document on Certified Pre-owned Phones


This is for my friends Phillip, and DRM who seems to not understand a new phone is supposed to last longer than a month, so yes a 14 day return policy is a joke. Also Yes I am upset that I paid full price for a phone and got a used phone, sorry if its ok with you but its not ok for me. PS the refurbished guarantee is merely a simple check to see if the phone does the basic functions, besides TommyBoy taught us about guarantees (Tommy Boy - Fancy Guarantee - YouTube ).

Each phone is guaranteed to:

  • Have passed a cosmetic inspection1
  • Properly power on
  • Have a fully functional touchscreen
  • Recognize and connect to WiFi and cell networks
  • Recognize Bluetooth devices
  • Have functional front and rear facing cameras (if applicable)
  • Have functional volume and audio controls
  • Have functional microphone(s)
  • Have passed a battery test
  • Accept and read an SD card (if applicable)
  • Have no water damage detected through the liquid damage indicators
  • Respond correctly to changing orientation
  • Have been reset to factory settings and wiped of any customer data
    My old MOTO G (1st gen) does all of these things, it doesn’t mean it is a good phone.

I never said a phone shouldn’t last more than a month

I just said all OEM and carriers issue b-stock/refurbish phones for warranty replacement

It’s the industry standard just like the 14 day return policy,

all OEM have build issues and part may fail early like in all electronics


DRM, you made my point (I understand you are all about the 14 day policy). I also know RW’s certification is not Manufacture quality (especially from the specified list I got back from Republic support (in my last reply) . Lastly its easy to say its no problem when its someone else’s issue. I guess we can agree to disagree, and just because “everyone else does it” does not make it right. I could see if I had it for several months, but really within the first month? The lesson I learned from this experience is to only purchase used phones from republic, that way if you have any problems (days later as I did) one won’t be out additional funds. Come on DRM, get over your biased opinion.

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In my vast experience with returns, if you return a used device (yes it is used after the day you activate it) you get a used device back. I imagine any warranty replacement phones sent out come from RW’s own stock, and 14 days is more than enough time to figure out if there are any manufacturer defects. To recoup the costs, they will replace the faulty speaker, software, screen, whatever and use that as a replacement once it passes the testing process.

I am quite sure if you got a brand new device in the mail and it arrived with a broken screen, you would send that back and receive another brand new one. One thing missed here is a majority of these B stock devices have less than 14 days of use. That’s pretty close to new in my book.

As mentioned above, this is the industry standard with all OEMs. You could replace “Republic Wireless” with “All providers” and not change the message of this thread. To single them out is to single all of them out. If this upsets you enough to leave each time it happens, eventually you will run out of providers. In the end, what is most important is a good working phone that does what you need it to. The novelty of “new” is a fleeting thing.

as i just posted elsewhere, why on earth do people buy phones from RW any more given that the new plans run on stock phones? just sell service and let the phones come from other sellers.

as this ticket demonstrates, it helps nobody for republic to be selling phones anymore … it costs a lot to offer service and returns … pisses off people when the unexpected happens. it is an awfully low margin business, tarnishes the brand.

this practice is a legacy of the original custom android builds … now that rw has moved beyond it, let’s stop selling phones. i closely follow RW prices and i have NEVER seen a better deal on phones than those in the open market.

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I do understand your situation. Phones cost alot of money these days. Flip phones were so cheap OEM’s threw the old broken out & handed over a new one in hopes of renewing you into a new 2yr contract. RW has no contracts and this is 2017, & with that option you may walk at anytime you want but ask yourself one question. When prices were raising like they were taking a trip to the moon, how much money has RW saved you in 4yrs?

Personally I saved so much money I refuse to leave RW. When I needed help RW was the only company that refused to screw me in a contract. RW saved me, my work, my marriage, Yes my marriage. My wife was so angry at all phone companies. We were in a situation where we had to have a phone that worked. The Defy was a great little phone and kept my wife in touch with family. We all go through this phase of life & RW made tough times easier for us. I have had B stock phones and actually I love a pre-tested phone. B stock work great and they get a complete cosmetic makeover. I know the phone is no longer new but just be glad you didn’t drive a new $60,000 truck and some jerk does $25,000 damage 10 minutes after you drove off the sales lot, and insurance won’t replace it with a new one.

*** ~~ßocephous™***

I tend to agree except I believe the only way to get Sprint service currently is to buy the phone through Republic’s store. If TMobile works for you, then yes buy from somewhere else. Just make sure you buy the correct phone model and build.


Good thing I didn’t complain when my volume buttons fell out, to be lost forever, hours after getting my Moto G4.

I figure they fell out because the design allowed them too. And it would takes weeks without a phone, just to get a refurbished, with other more dangerous issues.

Safety pin, if I ever need to hard wipe phone.

I can imagine replacing phones for the 27 percent of people who complain about everything, would take down any company. The alternative is paying 6 to 7 times more a month under contract.


Two of the three 3.0 compatible phones in my household were not purchased from Republic. I’ll just point out many, if not most retailers, offer the same 14-day money back guarantee as Republic does. There’s a reason it’s considered to be industry standard. There are exceptions to the rule, B&H Photo, notably among them.


another exception is California where they have good consumer protection laws requiring a 30 return policy

(I wish more states or the Fed would also do this)

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