The Eclipse Thread

While this may not be phone related it certainly is subscriber related.

Wondering if anyone is in the path, travelling, etc. Also a thread for tip-and-tricks.

I’m in the northern part of St. Louis, County. Should get at least two minutes of


Do not look at it during the partial eclipse phase without proper protection. During the Totality phase though, you can take the glasses off and/or stare directly at it, although the other visual affects around you may be more fascinating.

Be prepared for the temperature to drop. Those in this path will experience a steady drop in temerature, it can range as much a ~25 degrees F.

If anyone has other experiences, I would love to hear comments about this phenomenon. :relaxed:

I live in Greenville SC so I will be right in the path. I will probably be working though. That may be a good thing though because i would probably end up blinded from looking at it :slight_smile: .

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Nooo!, one can take a break. This is a generational opportunity that is rare… an insight to our ancestors, worth some sacrifice. :neutral_face:

(I have been hyped about this for a long time…I have proper paper glasses to freely distribute now that the supply is running low). :stuck_out_tongue:

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I thought Republic was sending everyone free green Arc Eclipse glasses :grinning: .

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That would have been a great promo!. Unique gesture for a unique company. :relaxed:

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This must have been them :wink: .


I would kill for a pair, but RW would never be so careless with their customers well being. :smiley:

Edit: In 600 million years, the moon will have drifted far enough away that a total eclipse will not be possible.

So see it when you can. :rofl:


I’ll be travelling!

…unfortunately, that travel is to China where the sun will be it’s regular 'ole self. :roll_eyes:

As a complete aside (and as a result of the surprise trip), I have a four extra sets of “disposable” eclipse glasses (similar side construction to the cardboard glasses that used to be handed out for a 3D movie but with a solar lens). If anyone needs one or two, I’d be more than happy to send them to you. Comment so others know how many remain and I’ll DM you for an address.

Edited to remove above, they’ll be shredded (or torched or taken to the range or met with one of myriad other destructive techniques depending on time and mood) and disposed of. Recent developments indicate they are almost certainly “fake” glasses without adequate protection… probably not the best thing with which to stare at a giant ball of burning gas.


Not sure those will do the job, but thanks for the offer :slight_smile: .

I agree. The shades I have, you cannot see anything through, unless you look at the star, and that is cool if you have never done that.


A look at the Shadow Path across the US

That’s actually the same as these. They sold them at Lowe’s until recently. I’ll try looking at a TIG arc briefly with them out of curiosity… not actually for use (I’m not as foolish as I perhaps once was) but to date the only thing I’ve found I can see is that same star!


The TIG arc our friend @soopergenious referenced is a welding reference. Super, duper bright.


Not sure how many know this is always a bonus for science. The Sun is extraordinarily hot at it’s center, but a mere 10,000 F at it’s surface. However, it’s Corona jumps up Millions of degree’s.

Science does not understand this, and it can only be studied during a total eclipse. It is equivalent to moving farther away from a fire and getting hotter.

Just a thought. :wink:

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I live in the path of the eclipse, I’m in NW GA. Because of the eclipse, schools are delaying release, they will provide them a safe way to watch the event. This will be my third one. Total when I lived in NY when I was 8 or 9. A near total when I was in my late teens. I do hope it’s a clear day. I wonder though with all that’s happening in the Atlantic.

Aside from the darkness, which feels oppressive if there is no artificial light around. All the birds go quite. It’s kind of creepy, that short time that it’s at totality can feel like a long time. I remember wondering if the darkness would go away. Then there is great relief when the sun peaks out.

To me the feeling is similar to having the eye of a hurricane pass over your location. In the midst of this big storm, it went quiet. I went outside and the birds were chirping and flying about. I could see the eye wall looking straight up, blue sky, no wind. Then the wind started to pick up a little and the blue sky was eaten up by clouds, the birds went quiet. They can feel the barometric pressure change. This too gave me that creepy feeling. Felt a few drops of rain and ran back into the house just in time.

Just as a note, it was Hurricane Gloria:


Well that is just a beautiful story @littletoucan.

Thanks for sharing!.

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Thanks @jben for the link. Took a brief moment to figure it out, but that is an awesome link. :flushed: …(99.99% makes me hope it’s not totally accurate, I do not want to navigate interstate on that day. :slightly_smiling_face:

If they’re one of these brands, I would love a pair.

My University professors have classes for that day canceled.

Here is a great video of the very best total eclipse:

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