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I’d wear these every day! :sunglasses:

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It looks like the joke is on me. I picked these up about a month ago off Amazon and went to check the manufacturer only to find the product page gone, poof, 404 sad Amazon Dog disappeared. I reached out to AMZN and their response was to almost immediately offer a full refund and tell me to keep or discard / donate the glasses at my choice because they did not have that information. Needless to say, my faith in those has dropped substantially (especially as I read more about “fake” glasses) and they will be making their way to the dump in short time. Sorry to disappoint @littletoucan - but thanks for the link!

:sunglasses: :microphone::microphone: @billg great song choice!

Thanks anyway! I was one of those that called Amazon out on the fake glasses. They’re listed as made in China. The genuine ones are made here in USA.

Last eclipse I didn’t use glasses, just gave it a quick glance. This time I’m going to use my camera as an indirect viewer, by flipping up it’s mirror. Just need to get a filter for it.

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It’s interesting to me that they worked elements of both a solar and a lunar eclipse into the video, including the eyes and glasses.

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Eclipse Live Coverage


I stopped into my Optometrist Office to see if by chance they had any of the disposible glasses. Sure enough, they were giving away 1 per family along with some printed instructions.

Our Walmart had some made in China and no where on the packaging did it indicate any certifications. Found a similar packaging at a chain grocery store. I feel much safer with the glasses from my eye doc.


I think it is unconscionable some entity would fake something like that. :no_mouth:

I have read that certification says only 100,000/1 percent is the requirement. More importantly, you should only view it in no more than 3 min. intervals. I am just going to put them on to see the progress…the real show is on Terra firma in my view…


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Hi @c1tobor,

Much to my own surprise, I’ll be viewing the eclipse at the Cherokee Cultural Eclipse Celebration. A friend of mine just happened to invite me to stay at Lake Junaluska and view the eclipse in Cherokee.

Will anyone else be in that area? I almost always travel with RW swag just in case I meet a Community member in the real world!


Road Trip!


Amazon is issuing a refund if your glasses are bogus, they should have sent you an email. You can check by looking at a lightbulb. If you can see the filament and everything else is black, they’re legitimate.

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That means I need to find an incandescent lightbulb some place… Hmm…


It’s possible but more and more difficult as time passes:

If you have a Halogen bulb you still have a filament:

All LED here.

Just use a laser pointer. If you can see it a mile away one should be good with the sun much farther than that. :nerd_face: :new_moon: :sunglasses: :see_no_evil: :star_struck:

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I just have a feeling I will walk outside to look at it, forget that I shouldn’t look at it, and be blinded for life.


Long, long ago… there was an eclipse like this one, and a little left-handed girl was so terrified by her teacher’s insistence that one mustn’t look at it, that she was afraid to even walk outside, for fear of what the sun might do. If it could harm your eyes, why couldn’t it also harm your arms, your legs, or vaporize your entire head!!! Then that same cruel teacher made the class line up and * gasp * walk outside to the gym. That terrified little left-handed girl shielded both eyes and diligently stared at only the sidewalk as she followed along in line. Somehow she survived the ordeal, but she’s still a little nervous about experiencing this next one!


You can glance at it, just don’t star at it. I glanced at it several times and didn’t go blind. Fast forward to the present, year before last my vision was extensively tested because of possible glaucoma. The eye doctor put all these electrodes on me and flashed lights and all sorts of crazy stuff to test my optic nerves. I see colour contrasts better than most people tested and my optic nerve seems to pick up signals exceptionally. I’m just near sighted, have a floater in one eye and am a nervous wreck among other things, other than that my vision is fine.

Here is an interesting article from my big city newspaper, if you look at the sun too long you’ll get a permanent blind spot:

You shouldn’t have to look too far, automobile headlights usually have filaments.

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