The Future of Android OS Updates

Google with an assist from Qualcomm is attempting to improve operating system
update support for future Android phones:

Alas, manufacturer cooperation would still be required. While Google’s initiative may improve things on the high end of the market, I have my doubts manufacturers will provide 4 years worth of OS updates for low and mid-range models.


Haven’t we heard this tune before? What ever happened with:

  1. Project Treble the “major re-architecture” in Android 8 that according to Google’s press release will “make updates faster and easier for OEMs to roll out to devices”.

and then

  1. Project Mainline the “complete overhaul of the update system” in Android 10 which will, again according to Google, “allow us to update the core parts of Android directly in a way that you already are familiar with: the Google Play Store”

I guess third time’s a charm?


We bought Pixel phones this time around so as to be much more likely to be able to get Android updates - it’s not being able to get the security ones that led us to abandon the very nice Motorola ones we had. We don’t want to have to replace the phones every year or two.

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