The Future of Republic Wireless 1.0 Plans


We have some news that we’re excited to share with you. But before we do, we wanted to thank you, our members. You trusted us and joined in our mission to change how cell companies provide service and treat their customers, and that means a lot to us.

Almost a year ago, we faced a substantial challenge. The costs associated with the $25 and $40 Republic 1.0 plans were preventing us from being able to evolve our services for all of our members. After a lot of analyzing and researching on how to provide both value and sustainable costs, we ultimately decided to phase these plans out altogether on August 1, 2016 and that members on the Republic 1.0 plans would need to choose a new plan at that time.

While the Republic Refund 2.0 plans are a huge success for the majority of our members, we also know that they aren’t the best fit for some of our members, and that’s not okay. Like our members, our plans need to be flexible to fit everyone’s unique lifestyle. Some of you have been with us from the beginning, which we greatly value, so we’ve been working hard to find a way to earn your continued support.

**We’re happy to share that we will not be asking you to choose a new plan on August 1, 2016. Instead, you can keep your $25 and $40 Republic 1.0 plans. **

In order for us to keep our $25 and $40 Republic 1.0 plan options and maintain what all of our members value, we’ll need to remove cell data roaming for the Republic Wireless 1.0 plans - effective June 1, 2016. (For more info about the high cost of roaming data industry wide, please check out this article.) In case you’re wondering, you’ll still be able to send/receive calls, texts, and picture messages while in a roaming area.

If you’re one of our members that regularly uses cell data roaming, our Republic Refund 2.0 Plans may be a better fit for you. They allow you to use both roaming and on-network cell data, and get paid back each month for any cell data you don’t use. Since our announcement of the Refund Plans, we’ve saved our members over $3.4 million with credits back from their unused data. We even earned a near perfect score (a 9.8!) in PC Mag’s Reader’s Choice Awards for satisfaction with plan costs.

If you’re interested in the Refund Plans and want to try them out, follow these instructions. If not, that’s okay too, you can remain on the Republic Wireless 1.0 plans for any existing service line currently on the plan.

We hope this helps and we have more announcements coming that may help you make some decisions. Check out our What’s in Store for 2016 blog post for more info. We can’t wait to share everything with you!

Please see below for some FAQs, and you can also ask questions or comment here.

Data Roaming FAQs

Can I still use data roaming on the Republic Refund 2.0 plans?

Yes, data roaming on the Republic Refund 2.0 plans will remain unchanged.

When will my data roaming be turned off?

Data roaming for Republic 1.0 plans will be turned off on June 1, 2016.

Can I still make/receive calls, texts, and picture messages if I’m in a roaming area on the Republic 1.0 plans?

Yes, you’ll still be able to send/receive calls, texts, and picture messages when in a roaming area.

Will I still get 5 GB of native cell data on the Republic 1.0 plans and be eligible for the free pass?

Yes. Each monthly bill cycle, you get 5 GB of native cell data (non-roaming) to use. You’ll be eligible for a free pass if you haven’t gone over the 5 GB threshold within the previous six consecutive monthly bill cycles. For more info on this policy, please visit our Data Usage Policy.

I have a DEFY XT, does this policy change affect me at all?

These changes only affect the Republic 1.0 plans, so the only way this change will affect you is if you’re planning on upgrading your phone. If you’re planning on keeping the DEFY XT, then this change doesn’t affect you. For more information about the DEFY XT service plan, check out the Motorola DEFY XT Overview.

Republic 1.0 Plan FAQs

If I upgrade or replace my phone, can I still keep my Republic 1.0 plan?

If the replacement phone is a Moto E (1st or 2nd Gen.), Moto G (1st or 3rd Gen.), or Moto X (1st or 2nd Gen.), then a line of service currently on the 1.0 plan may remain on that plan. Upgrades to other phones will require a transition away from the 1.0 plan. New lines of service are not eligible for the 1.0 plan.

**Can I still change plans twice per billing cycle if I remain on Republic 1.0 plans? **

Yes. You can still change plans twice per billing cycle. The only part about the 1.0 plans that’s changing is we will be removing cell data roaming on June 1, 2016.

I’m on Republic 1.0 plans, does this affect the $5 and $10 plans?

The $5 and $10 plans on Republic 1.0 remain unchanged. The only time it may affect you, is if you change plans to either the $25 or $40 1.0 plans, you will not be able to use cell data roaming after June 1, 2016.

I left Republic because I didn’t think I would be able to keep my Republic 1.0 plan, can I come back and get my old plan back?

While we’d love to have you back, all new service lines are activated on our 2.0 plans. If you have any questions about this, please open a Help ticket.

I already changed to the Republic Refund 2.0 plans, can I change back to the Republic 1.0 plans?

Yes. If you’ve already changed to the Republic Refund 2.0 plans and would like to switch back to 1.0, you may do so one time. Please submit a Help ticket so we can manually switch you back once more.

If I want to try out the Republic Wireless 2.0 plans but don’t like them, can I change back to the 1.0 plans?

You may change back to 1.0 plans one time after May 5, 2016.