The Galaxy S7 Experience

Hi, All!

I just started my RW journey a few weeks ago, but am now setting up my 3rd phone/plan with RW. I started this journey by ordering both a Huawei Ascend 5W and a Moto G4. I talk about those 2 phones and my initial RW impressions here:

My RW & Huawei Ascend 5W Experience

The Huawei went to my almost 10 year old daughter–her first phone. As you can imagine, she is over the moon happy with the phone, but…it’s her first phone! I used the phone for over a week before handing it off to her. It’s very nice. I have made the Moto G4 my personal phone, and I really, really, like it. Having owned Samsung phones for the last several years, I was not aware how different the Android experience–especially menus, notifications, theme management, etc are with different manufacturers. The Moto G4 wins easily in my opinion, and mostly because it does a good job of letting Android be Android.

BUT…this thread is to talk about the S7 and the S7 Experience on RW. I’m sure I’ll make comparisons as I learn more about this phone.

First thing to note is my phone arrived with only 11% charge. The S7 wanted to immediately install a huge update, but refused to do so until the phone had at least 20% charge–regardless of being plugged into power. Once I got to 24%, I hit the button to proceed with the updates. It took quite some time, and upon reboot, had another round of major updates to install! All in all, I spent way more than an hour charging and installing updates.

The phone got very hot while charging and installing updates–that’s a lot of work for the phone I guess.

Note that the Play Store would not load until after the updates, so I had to wait for these updates before I could install the RW app so I could perform the RW activation, which went smoothly. My S7 came with the RW sim installed already.

The phone itself is beautiful. As expected, it is a high-quality device. It is no surprise to me that I like the 5.1" size of this S7 over the 5.5" of the Ascend 5W and Moto G4.

I now have the phone setup the way my wife will like it…I think. I installed a 64GB high-quality, high-speed SD Card. Why 64? Well, it was the largest SD in stock at the local Microcenter today that was the highest speed they had–a Samsung Pro series. I had figured to setup Adoptive Storage so I would never have to think about what is or what is not on the SD card. My wife tends to use A LOT of space with thousands upon thousands of photos. OOPS. Samsung, like some other manufacturers, does not support Adoptive Storage. I should have researched that before buying the SD card–I could have bought a cheaper 128+ GB. Oh well.

I will hand this phone over to my wife later today. I already have her number port from Verizon started. It should complete late tomorrow. My number port went perfectly smooth, so I don’t expect any issues. Interesting to note–if you port then notice people are not receiving your MMS text messages or that you are not getting messages in a group—just wait another 72 hours. Apparently it can take that long after porting for MMS functionality to work correctly.

More to come…


I love my S7. My favorite feature is Samsung SideSync. As a matter of fact the phone screen is on my PC screen as I type this.

SideSync - Android Apps on Google Play

Nougat started rolling-out yesterday. If that wasn’t one of the updates you received you might as well wait until it gets to your phone before doing a lot of personalization.


I’m not the greatest fan of Samsung’s TouchWiz overlay but there’s no denying the S7s are worthy of their status as flagship devices. Adoptive storage can be done: Enable Adoptable Storage for Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.


Thanks, @rolandh. I know I can force Adoptive Storage back into the S7 Android, but I stopped here:

Some entry level ADB modding is going to be needed for this to work…
I’m a programmer myself, so I’m not necessarily scared to “mess” with the phone, but I don’t like jumping through hoops, breaking warranties, dealing with updates that reverse my hacks, etc.



I understand the hesitance. For what it’s worth and despite the article’s use of the word modding, execution of ADB shell commands and enabling USB debugging mode aren’t the same as rooting one’s phone or flashing the ROM. I don’t believe one would be voiding any warranties by enabling adoptable storage on a Samsung phone. That said, I do question the value of making the effort as the S7s provide 32GB of on board storage, which is more than enough for the typical user’s apps. Other content (music, pictures, video etc.) may still be offloaded to a traditionally formatted MicroSD card.


Good stuff, @rolandh. I agree with you for sure. My wife’s phone usage must be an anti-pattern. She and I both had Galaxy S4’s on Verizon for the last 2+ years. We had 16GB internal and 64GB SD. She was constantly maxing out her internal storage which led to problems like not being able to install OS updates, app updates, new apps, etc. I had painstakingly moved every app that would allow it to her SD card. I had configured every app that would allow it to store it’s data on the SD card. I had it storing photos and videos on the SD card. However, there was no way to force screenshots to save to the SD card. My wife would literally save 2GB of screenshots in 60 days. How?! I have no idea. I should do the math on how many screenshots a day that must be on average!

I finally found a great way to solve the problem using 2 apps. DiskUsage would tell me what was using the space. SolidExplorer would let me move files to the SD card. So at least once every 2 months I would have to spend 20 minutes reclaiming some space on the internal storage. I don’t think her 64GB SD card was even half full…so plenty of overall space available.

So you can imagine how attractive Adoptive Storage would be to me!

I don’t think (hope) I will have this same problem with the S7 for a few reasons. First, it seems to be smarter about using the SD card. 2nd, Instagram now lets her save photos directly rather than her using screenshots. We’ve been married over 24 years. My secret? Do whatever it takes to make her happy!

The first time she runs out of internal storage (32GB), I will come back to this and do the Adoptive Storage thing!

I don’t care what happened with the Note7 mess, I think Samsung makes the best phones. I love the S7 I have. I normally don’t spend big money on phones but I took a chance with this phone and I don’t regret it. I have an otter box defender on it and downloaded tons of kids games so I can hand it to the young ones when I am out and they stay distracted. I probably have over 50 third part apps on the thing and the performance is still amazing.

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