The incredible shrinking battery

What phone do you have?

Samsung A21

What plan are you on?

MyChoice + 1GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Has Data - 1GB per month.

Up until about a week ago, my phone always made it to the end of the day with 30-40% of battery life left. Then I got a new garmin step tracker and installed the app for it. At about the same time Samsung sent out an update. Then my phone started doing two unusual behaviors:

#1 - When I’m at home, the phone frequently (5-6 times an hour) issues notifications saying “Wi-Fi calling settings updated to optimize network experience”
#2 - Battery goes from 100% to dead in about 8 hours, whether I’m at home or on the road. This is new and BAD.

Steps I’ve taken:

Removed the garmin step tracker software & restarted phone yesterday. No improvement noted. :frowning:

I’ve installed GSam battery monitor, but haven’t had time to collect any data from it.

Any other thoughts about how to diagnose/repair this issue?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @bsquared,

It may not solve the battery issues but as you’ve already removed the Garmin app, I’d suggest verifying your settings against those covered here:


Specifically, turning off the manufacturer’s WiFi Calling, as indicated in that topic, will silence the recurring notification about WiFi settings.

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Thank you. I did disable Samsung’s WiFi calling and the phone has stopped barking about optimizing network experience. Maybe this will help to optimize my battery experience. :crossed_fingers:

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Thank you. I found that Samsung’s WiFi calling was turned on. Maybe part of the update??? Turned it off. Everything else was OK.

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Quite possibly. Do you know which Republic SIM type your phone is using? If it’s CDMA, there’s a scenario in which weak signal might cause faster than expected battery drain.

Meanwhile, :crossed_fingers: your battery returns to normal without further intervention.

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The battery life did return to normal. Thanks @rolandh and @southpaw for your help.

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I found one more recommended step in the Samsung user forums which made my battery life better than it has been in a while. That is to wipe the cache partition. It’s recommended after every android update. Here’s a video on how to do it. By the way @rolandh, my phone uses a GSM SIM.

Thanks so much for your help!


Just for anyone else reading this, many newer phones no longer have the ability to wipe the cache partition. Samsung seems to have largely retained the function through Android 11 but Motorola and Google have not.

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