The Latest Updates for the Moto E Second Generation


I keep getting notifications for a new update. When I tried to update, it said I don’t have even room on my phone.
This doesn’t make sense.

I’d like to ask community members if there were any problems re: the latest update for the Moto E Second Generation phone.

Thank you,



Hi @jamied.gygmwp

A phone might prompt you for updates to applications or the phone’s software if newer software is available. However, it takes some room to download the update before the phone installs the update so some extra free space on the phone’s storage memory will be required.

Have you gone though and looked at what may be taking up some room on the phone? You can find a basic breakdown by going to Settings then Storage.

You can also take a look at this thread in the Tips and Tricks section about creating more room on the phone for yourself


Thank you. I will look at that link!



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