The new Terms and Conditions have an error


So just for fun (I’m one of those guys) I was reading the new Terms and Conditions and there is an error!

In the Definitions section, the definitions for “AAA” and “Escalation Notice” reference Section 22 where they should be referencing Section 23.

Your Mother would want Republic Wireless to fix it.


Thanks @dlaroe, I’ll pass this along to the legal team.


Your mother should be proud of you taking the time to read and noticing.


The ninja edits without changing the modified date are more than a little troublesome. I get that it doesn’t really change the jist of the document and the burden of having EVERYONE re-agree to the Terms and Conditions would be a pain but it seems to set a bad precedent to me.

I’m grateful they left the “Your mother” references in; that is hilarious and one of the things I hope to find in cool companies’ TOS docs.


She would as she’s a RW customer too!