The only one with service!

We were up north with friends in Tripoli WI the past few days & out of the 6 of us my little Defy XT was the only phone that had service!!! :slight_smile: Granted I was roaming but had 3g. What I found odd is the wife has a E4 (I think) and completely lost signal a hour or so before we got there… Ya make fun of my old phone & then come running to me to check the weather LOL Just wanted to share that


It’s possible that your wife’s phone is activated with Republic’s other carrier partner. You can tell that by going to the Republic App on her phone, hitting the Gear and then about. If the SIM Type says “GSM” then she’s on Republic’s other partner carrier and that explains the difference!


How do I switch to the other sim? I have the GSM as well and don’t have service away from wifi hotspots while on vacation or a road trip.

You’ll need to open a ticket, and if your phone is CDMA capable (not all are, you can see the chart here: Detailed Supported Phone Features and then provide the information here: How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help

Hmmm you are correct it says GSM. So what are the benefits of requesting a new sim?

GSM means it’s using the GSM partner network (T-Mobile)
requesting a CDMA SIM would move it to the CDMA partner (Sprint) like the beta and legacy phones

It may or may not be better, it will be different. Her phone is on Republic’s GSM partner (Coverage Check | Republic Wireless)
On the other hand yours is on Sprint (Coverage Check | Republic Wireless). Having phones on two networks might actually be the advantage to fill in the faps in each other’s coverage.

Thanks for the input guys. I’ll have to take a look at the maps. I didn’t realize they have teamed up with trash-mobile. I guess that would explain why I had service in the Smokey Mountains last yr & she didn’t
Odd question: Would she be able to switch sims if for some reason sprint/vzw (iirc vzw for roaming is not working) when we are traveling? I’ll most likely switch her anyway.

SIMs can be switched, but once activated and then deactivated, they can only be reactivated again within 20 days.

hi ,does rw sell refurbed phones? this is an emergency i just lost mine

Hello @davidfp.h0bcry
Republic from time to time add a refurbished phone to it’s on line store [currently list Samsung S7 & S7 Edge but are now out of stock]

Republic is having a sale of the Moto E4 with a battery bank a 3 GB of data for 3 months for $99, or a Moto G6 with a battery bank a 3 GB of data for 3 months for $199
Just add the phone to you cart and it will give the discount price and add the battery bank on check out

Edit to add this lost phone blog

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