The Republic App says that I bought 2.5 GB of data


I am on the Republic Refund 0.5 GB plan with a Moto G (3rd Gen). Usually I only use a small amount of data. The other day I restored my phone, and I guess that I updated some of the apps while I was off wifi. Regardless, I ended up using half of my data.

Today, I noticed that I had bought 2.5 GB of data. I don’t remember buying data!

Does RW automatically increase the data when it runs low? I guess that if I don’t use the data it doesn’t matter?


Do you live the areas affected by the Hurricane?

R.W. gave out free data this month to customers in that areas. NC and SC I think.
You should have gotten an email about it.


Hi @jeffp.or7v4t,

Please see:

I’m going to lock this topic so we can focus the conversation in one place. If you have any additional thoughts or questions about the added data, please let us know in that topic.