The Republic Community: Day 1 (5/17/17)

Welcome to The Republic.

This is day 1 on our new community platform and we’re off to a great start. If you see something amiss, please do let us know.

For those users who may be joining us for the first time, welcome! The Republic is an incredibly active community where quality answers are shared readily and things move at the speed of conversation.

There are more than 200k members of The Republic Community today and counting. I think you’ll find that if you give a little, you’ll get a whole lot in return.

Thank you for your trust in Republic Wireless.

Away we go…


Absolutely. Massive. Improvement. over the hideous [expletive redacted] that was Jive. THANK YOU for finally getting rid of that mess. So far this is looking good. Nice to see how gracefully the old content ported over, too!


I am still trying to navigate. Maybe I can use the HERE app for help! well maybe not. I agree it seems easier but it is a huge learning curve for me as I don’t use social media besides the old community. I will just fumble my way through till I get the hang of this forum…

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Hang in there bocephous
It wont take long to get the hang of this. If I can use this new forum any one can

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Here’s some guidance for those who are new to the Republic or unfamiliar with our new Community platform.

Where to post in the Republic:

Figure out where your post belongs, but don’t fret; if you post in the wrong place staff or one of our friendly Ambassadors will move the post to the right place.

Questions and Answers: This category is for questions that should have a fairly straightforward answer: How do I… Where can I… Can I…

This category is for questions you ask when something is not behaving as it should - Why won’t my phone charge? Why can’t I make a call on cell? These questions may require some troubleshooting. There is a template provided to help made sure some initial information is provided.

This category is for topics that won’t have a single best answer. You can ask your fellow members of the Republic about their favorite apps, best way to accomplish a specific task, where to get a screen replaced. Opinions will abound in this category.

This category replaces our former Community Contributor blogs and only those who have contributed in the Republic in a sustained, meaningful way will be able to create content here. They’ll use the space to explain workarounds, suggest best practices, and provide well-thought out answers to questions that have been asked many times.

How to create new content in the Republic:

Once you’ve determined where to post, click into that Category from our main landing page.
Click the “plus” icon at the lower, right-hand corner of the page.

An editing panel will open at the bottom of the page.

You can click and drag the little lines at the top center of the gray border to drag the panel up to make it bigger.
Provide a title that gives us context, succinctly.
Type in the message area st in the Problem Solving category, you’ll see a template that looks like this:

When you type in that template, replace everything inside and including the angle-brackets.
Remember, you’re posting in a publicly-visible, online forum. Do not share private information.
Once you’ve composed your post, click the “Create Topic” button.

How to post a reply in the Republic

Notice in each thread that has more than one post, there are two places to click “Reply.”

  1. At the bottom of each post there is a reply button. This specifically replies to that post, ignoring all others.

    Use this reply button when your answer is specific to the post you are replying to.
  2. At the bottom of the entire thread, there is a bigger “Reply” button.
    Use this button to reply to the original post or to the topic in general.

Oops, did I really make that typo? How to edit a post

Navigate to your post and look at the bottom of the post.

The icons are a heart (Like), a chain (Link), and three dots (More). Click the three dots and you’ll see new icons unfold. Click the pencil icon to edit your post.

What else can we do?

Those who have familiarized themselves already, please share some of the features you’ve found useful. Preference settings, E-mail notifications, desktop notifications… what are you using and how did you set it up?
Those who are feeling disoriented after the move, feel free to ask any questions you may have about using this forum.


Well I hope it’s better than the last Forums, I stopped trying to read or participate in them years ago mostly because it didn’t make sense how to information was delivered, or where it was.

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Hi @fredly00,

I’m glad to see you’re checking out the new Community. If you have any questions at all about how to find content or how to participate in the conversations, just let me know.

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you may find this useful

Welcome back in to the Community @fredly00.

Really glad to have you making your voice heard on our new site. Thank you for your trust in Republic Wireless.

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