The Republic Community is on the move


Over the past five years, our community, The Republic, has grown and evolved. I may be a bit biased, but I believe we have the best community of any mobile phone service out there. It is made great by the people assembled here, members, non-members and employees alike. Our community has been a big part of our success. It has been our home, our confidant and, for many, their first introduction to the Republic culture.

Today’s community is used as our member question and issue forum, product ideation, service announcement center, and knowledge base. Over the last 5 years, it has hosted over 60k discussion threads. Well over 20K of those discussions have been marked with a “Correct Answer” and those answers have been viewed more than 2.5 million times in just the last 90 days.

Now it is time for our community to make a change. Towards the middle of May, we will be introducing a new Community forum for our members, I think most of you will like. We worked very hard with the Ambassadors and Experts to test a few platforms and have decided to move to Discourse.

Discourse is a Community forum designed for simple discussion. It is easy to navigate, find the answers you need, and share your knowledge with others. It is simple to moderate, manage and will help improve the Republic Wireless Customer Experience. Discourse is used by many large communities today and we believe it will be intuitive enough for forum newbies, powerful enough for forum pros and flexible enough for our super-users and staff.

Over the next few weeks, we will be releasing more detailed information regarding the schedule of migration events, structure, and features of our new forum.

Thank you for being a vital part of The Republic Community and stay tuned. Feel free to discuss this here.

Republic Community is Moving

no more JIVE I almost don’t believe it


For those interested in previewing the new community platform, you may do so here: Demo


Sigh. I hadn’t figured out everything in Jive and now must start from scratch again.


JIVE is a buggy and complex I for one look forward to the change


The demo that is linked above is provided by the vendors (and it is bare bones) … of course, @seanr has been very busy adding his tweaks and Republic Wireless touches and those of us from the community that have been provided early access generally feel it will be a welcome change


Maybe the new platform has a functional member-to-member communications system and a better search feature. Time will tell.


I’ve never particularly cared for these. They also don’t integrate well with Republic’s own menu structure (hard to tell whose fault that is.) I’ve saved bookmarks to places I end up for fear of never being able to find my way there again. Sometimes I feel I am “Lookin’ for love (support) in all the wrong places.”


I for one am thrilled to see the change! The only downside is the learning curve for where all the helpful tech docs will go, but that’s the least of my worries. I accidentally locked myself out of posting to the ThinkTank a couple years ago, and support was never able to get me back in, as @whitneyw would know quite well since she was the #1 technical support agent I could ever ask for and continuing to work with me for a very long time until we hit a dead end.

So @whitneyw, remember ticket #499761, I guess we finally found the solution: get rid of Jive!!

Thank you Republic!



Hi @benjaminf.haklmn

Jive has some good points. It is a difficult system to learn in my opinion. Discourse will have a bit of a learning curve to experienced Jive users, but most will pick it up right away.



Hi c1tobor

I have used discourse in some other forums an this the best move yet for RW. It will be so much better than jive.



Hi @morrisb.mvhqhs

I know you have been around awhile.

It will be interesting to see how our community reacts, but I think it will be positive.


Yes it will be positive I sure wish RW would let me use it now. It wont take long to where you can scoot around an do all kinds of things an you can send private messages to persons an find other techies.

This is going to be great for the community It will be real asset.



What about the posts that we have bookmarked, liked or followed?


Hi @macb,

Sometimes I feel I am “Lookin’ for love (support) in all the wrong places.”

This is definitely something we want to improve on, and it’s a topic of near-daily conversation among our support teams. Your feedback on the topic is always welcome. We can’t implement every suggestion everyone makes, of course. You might be surprised how many people have told us, “You should make [the thing I’m specifically looking for] front and center on your landing page!” Unfortunately that one thing may not be the thing everyone is looking for and the thing you’ll need tomorrow, too.

Searchability with useful results is a top priority, as is ease of navigation. But please also remember, if you ever have trouble finding the info you need, just ask. Someone in Community will likely be able to quickly point you to what you need.


No, really I’m fine. I have rarely needed any customer service, and when I did it got taken care of quickly. I find the current system cumbersome, but not unusable. I imagine the new one will be better.


I think the answer is say goodbye to that sort of tracking. I think we’ll largely be starting over in the new community.



louisdi wrote:

I think the answer is say goodbye to that sort of tracking. I think we’ll largely be starting over in the new community.

The search engine should be better than the one in Jive but honestly I never had an issue using the Jive search. Never could believe people couldn’t find what they were looking for at all, not even a clue to the answers needed. Besides Google search has been excellent on answers for RW information too.

*** ~~ßocephous™ ***


I should be clear… It’s not that the new community doesn’t support that sort of things, I meant that none of the stuff here will be migrated there.



I agree with you.

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