The rumors are true! New plans are on the way!


We have a big announcement to share with you, but for now we’ll just tease a little. On December 12th, we’ll be bringing you a new plan structure to replace our Clear Choice plans! :tada:

We’re not quite ready to share all the details yet, but we do want you to be sure of this: If you’re currently enjoying (or thinking about) our Clear Choice plan, no worries!! This new plan has been designed for value and flexibility, and will not result in a price increase!

You may hear rumors and speculation, but be sure to come back on December 12th to get all the details.

If I switch my phone, I must switch my plan too?
How do I find a new phone, with more GBs of storage, within the range of $13/mo. payment?
Phone broke buying new one

I’m going to be out of town on the 12th. Tell me now. I will not tell anyone else. Really. Cross my heart, promise. :sunglasses:

By the way, you had me at no price increase.


So, just between you, Republic and whomever is lurking… :wink:


The 12th – whatever happened to Soon™?!

First hardware devices, now new plans (and a set date with the first announcement) - I can’t keep up with all of this winning!

  1. they don’t like using that word anymore
  2. they have been much better at meeting dead line over the last year or so


“Value and flexibility” scares me. Feels like we’ll end up with less, but at the same price. Kind of like the “half-gallon” of ice cream. I hope I’m wrong.

Introducing My Choice, a new plan from Republic Wireless

Wouldn’t that be a price increase, which they’ve been clear this is not?


Semantics. Marketing is often good at this.

I’m just grumpy and crynical. Perhaps I will be surprised!


The one thing I have never seen Republic be is outright dishonest. I would be willing to bet a large some of money that not a price increase means not a price increase front door, back door or otherwise.


I would concur with this and be willing to make a similar gamble.


Aren’t we all when we get the AARP card!


Hurrah! The refund plans are coming back but without any roaming.


Highly unlikely @billg. :grin:

ETA: This is totally MY opinion.


Wouldn’t that be sweet! If so the server will overload on plan changes probably.
I myself using 90%+ Wifi … Roaming don’t mean anything to me


Those may have been the most popular plans ever.


Umm… Republic IS a business. If that was the case, don’t you think they would have kept the plans? Your assumption is that everything they told us about consumers in general NOT liking them was a lie? And that the market lies since only one other niche player (Fi) offers them?


Are you serious?


Eh. I don’t know about that. There were quite a few upset people when the plans were introduced. No matter what plan structure Republic chooses, there will be disappointed people and there will be happy people. If they had refund plans with more expensive data, data users would be upset. If they went like they did with Clear Choice and no refunds, people would be upset.


I wonder if these new plans will be similar to the plans in the survey I got a few months ago. Regardless, I’m curious and excited!


Family plans? Shared data? Low speed data for all?

The muddy choice plans?

The clearly ridiculous plans?