The rumors are true! New plans are on the way!


Oooh. Thanks!

A screenshot from one of many different concept surveys we’ve done.


Just Say No to rumors. Confirmed ones just like drugs to hook you and mess up your life-balance. Get a Relay.


Please understand what I’m about to say is personal opinion not to be confused with what Republic might or might not think. I think the reality for low cell data users (and I count myself among them) is there aren’t enough of us to base a sustainable business model on in today’s market The number I heard on the podcast didn’t refer to refund plan users but specifically to the $10 price point. Those folks aren’t using cell data at any price nor are they necessarily on the refund plan structure. They could just as easily be using a grandfathered 1.0 plan. Likely, it’s some mixture of the two.

It’s all well and good to be disruptive in the market and generally I believe Republic has been but one cannot ignore market reality. In the same podcast, if I remember correctly, the average cellular (not Republic) user consumes 2-3 GB of cell data. This rate of use is increasing not decreasing.

Republic must design sustainable plans that appeal to the broadest possible market. They tried refund plans for roughly a year, then decided to move in another direction. In short, they made a business decision.

At the end of my day, I make business decisions about where and how to spend my dollars as well. So long, as Republic continues to offer me value at what I perceive to be a fair price, I’m content to remain a customer. If my perception were to change, I’d explore alternatives. By the way, I do so anyway from time to time as a matter of course. I’ve yet to find anything more appealing to me.





That graphic is from a survey sent to @rhilb11. It may or may not represent the final offering being announced Monday: The rumors are true! New plans are on the way!. We’ll just need to wait and see.


Hi @billg, thanks for clarifying! In case anyone skims through, and since I was confused by your mention of a heading myself, I just want to make sure we’re being clear that’s taken from a concept survey, one of many we send out over the course of a year.


Yes. I understand that. I just wanted to voice my opinion that a one-time data purchase makes a lot of sense for people who only want data on trips or in an emergency. I know RW staff monitor these threads and value our opinions.

As far as RW’s pricing is concerned, I do love this company and hope they come up with a basic, no-data plan that works for them and for us. Make data either one-time or recurring. After all, that goes along with their “simple” solution and doesn’t penalize the frugal with a cumbersome process.


I agree with you, however, I’ve got to believe whatever the reality turns out to be it’s baked at this point since the announcement is Monday.

Again, agreed.


Nothing is baked for a term at RW.


Perception and reality are not the same thing.


by baked in at this point is that all coding and testing is basically done and it’s in it’s final form that we see next week when announced
now there nothing saying we will not see a change down the road but what will be announced is finished product



Thanks for your reply and systems experience perspective.

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All the oldtimers I believe go back to the depression era and save anything and everything. Bone stock soup is what my dad claimed was real good when you had nothing.
I understand the concept You of that era lived through. Millennials can’t perceive it at all. I Myself are near the end of baby boomers era.


Yes, the 2.0 plans were the bone stock soup plans. But now I’ve caught up with the present generation. I make gluten free bone stock soup!


My friend is still rocking his Moto X 1st gen to stay with that plan


Just realized we will be loosing our $2.50 discount on the the 1st GB of data. :laughing:

Happy the 2nd GB will no longer cost $10. Will be glad to see the Clear Choice plans go.


that’s one way to look at (but lets wait for the official announcement before we celebrate to much on the lower (potential) price (at least in not a increase from the opening post


I’m not sure I understand. If the rumors/podcast are true, your 1st GB cost $5 and still will. Your 2nd GB technically cost $10, now will be $5, each GB after that cost $7.50 and will now be five. How is anyone “losing” anything?


Let’s close out the speculation, My Choice details are available in today’s announcement: