The sound on my phone stop working. I checked the settings and the volume is all the way up


I checked the volume and it is all the way up. The ringer is not working on my phone. What do I do?


I don’t know which phone you have but you might have it set to ring on priority calls only. Tell us which phone you have and we can be more helpful.


Try checking phone setting for Sound & notification,** Phone ringtones**, and ensure** None** is not selected. You can try different ringtones including your current one. Should hear each one as you choose them. If all work check your **Interruptions **settings as @billg has suggested. Good luck and please let us know what you may find. Thank you.


I worked with the settings. Nothing worked. I even tried to play different ring tones. Still no sound. I even took it in to someone to look at, and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong. So I ordered a new phone. Now, Monday morning Feb 6th, my phone is working fine. I heard the alarm this morning and it is ringing when someone calls me. I need to cancel my order I place for a new phone. How do I go about doing that?


I’m glad to hear you have your ringer sound back. For some reason ordering a new phone is sometimes all it takes to get the old one going. Usually they don’t start working again until after the 14 day return period. Forgot to ask if music or other sound could be heard and if you had tried rebooting your phone.

Unfortunately unless you received a message the phone is on backorder there is no way to cancel the order.


This (going to Sound and notification) actually solved my problem. My ‘ring volume’ had been turned down to 14%. The remaining mystery is — HOW did it get to 14% when I’ve never touched it!!! Nonetheless, thanks for this solution!

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people would be surprised just how many times the vol get changed on a normal day of use,
by accident, button get touched with just enough pressure to change it but don’t notice it was done…