There was an error sending a text to that phone number. Its operator is not supported


I’ve been setting up various websites and when they ask for mobile verification I keep getting this error “There was an error sending a text to that phone number. Its operator is not supported.” The most recent site that rejected Republic Wireless was Twitter.

Do you know when this will be fixed, if at all? I need to be able to use my cell phone as verification with these various websites. This is a show stopper unfortunately, meaning if it cannot be fixed, I will have to cancel my service as it’s restricting my ability to connect with these sites and others. Thank you.


Unfortunately, Republic can’t do anything about these sites accepting Republic as a carrier. Often, these sites reject any VoIP providers and Republic gets caught in that net.

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Okay, thanks louisdl, I’ll begin looking at other carrier’s that don’t fall into that category. Thanks for your time and your reply! :slight_smile:

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You may also want to consider that many companys allow this, as VoIP is a valid method for calling and Republic is an legitimate carrier. They need to Whitelist Republic Wireless
See this discussion and response from Republic Staff Can't get text messages from bank

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@jben has a great suggestion. Why don’t you try contacting Twitter and asking them to white-list Republic Wireless? You can reach them at the link below:

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Alas, I’ve tried and Twitter was uncooperative. Perhaps, @omnigate will succeed where I failed. I would be most interested if that were the case.

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